• Cubigel Compressors®’ complete high efficiency ranges shows an extra COP increase between 15% and 35% (depending on the application)

Technical specifications:
  • Natural hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 (propane)
  • Efficient and compact 
  • Wider working range in the market:                                                                                          
  • For HMBP: from -25ºC to +10ºC evaporating temperature                                                  
  • For LBP: from -40ºC to -10ºC evaporating temperature
  • Wide operating voltage range:                                                                                                
  • From 187V to 264V at 50Hz                                                                                                  
  • From 98V to 140V at 60Hz
  • Compressor able to work up to 43ºC ambient temperature.


  • Excellent thermodynamic properties resulting in high energy efficiency
  • No direct contribution to global warming (GWP=3)
  • No Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP=0)
  • Good compatibility with system components
  • Low refrigerant charge allowing for smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions (key due to the limitation of 150gr refrigerant)


  • Commercial refrigeration


Technical Note: R290 compressors 

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