NLY45LAa/b Cubigel Compressors® High Efficiency Model

  • Desgned for commercial applications
  • Uses  hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 (propane) for both HMBP and LBP applications
  • Improve the compressor COP between 15% and 30%

Technical Specifications: 

  • Hydrocarbon R290 refrigerant (propane)
  • Advanced mechanical system design and improved refrigerant fluid dynamic performance
  • Advanced motor windings design and patented electrical diagram design allow for the “optional running capacitor” concept
  • Same compressor NLY45LA allows either CSIR (NLY45LAa) or CSR (NLY45LAb) versions only by means of changing the electrical components.
  • Wide working range: from -40ºC to -10ºC evaporating temperature range
  • Wide operating voltage range: from 187V to 264V at 50Hz
  • Compressor able to work up to 43ºC ambient temperature


  • Compressor power consumption reduction up to 50% in comparison to its equivalent R404A standard compressor
  • Easy replacement in cabinet from its equivalent standard compressor
  • Propane (R290) has better dynamic behaviour showing a lower increase of energy consumption with increasing ambient temperatures
  • COP increase of 23% for CSIR versions and a 31% increase for CSR version while reducing energy consumption of commercial refrigeration appliances up to 25% compared with standard compressor
  • No direct contribution to global warming (GWP = 3)
  • No Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP = 0)


  • Commercial Refrigeration


Technical Note: NLY45LAa/b compressor

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