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Today, the Internet is the first source of reference for finding products and solutions. has become an established source of information for hydrocarbon refrigeration technologies and is consulted daily by decision makers in policy and industry around the world in search for latest innovations and market trends. Technical experts are coming to to look for detailed information on hydrocarbon products and systems, researchers and companies come to find business partners and opportunities. All this is offered in the unique combination of NEWS & PRODUCTS.

Concretely, can help you to:

  • Raise your global "Brand" visibility amongst a well-targeted audience
  • Stand out with your hydrocarbons-based products and/or engineering services
  • Benefit from our e-marketing expertise, particularly on newsletter and social media
  • Ensure you are listed on top of Internet searches for relevant keywords


We are the world's leading industry platform for hydrocarbon refrigeration technology. The greatest asset we have is our fast growing and loyal audience of decision makers in business, academia and public authorities. has thousands of targeted page views which constantly increase, attracted by new partners joining and new functions and new content being added every day. With a growing number of returning readers and active members, spending more and more time on

News and updates on reach regularly a network of more than 40,000 HVAC&R experts globally. Moreover, every single article, product or event on can easily be shared through social media to generate engagement from a wider audience

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