ABOUT Frost-trol

Frost-trol designs and manufactures plug-in cabinets using propane (R290) and CO2 (R744) remote cases for use in commercial refrigeration. The company's objective throughout its intense history has been to obtain cleaner, more ecological and more sustainable refrigeration systems. 

At its origins in the 1950's, Frost-trol's founder focused on cold room installations carried out with remarkable success. The company was one of the pioneers in Spain in the manufacturing of refrigerated cases made of metallic materials and in the use of hermetic compressors.

In 2017, Frost-trol launched its most complete and modern product range following the current market trends, with straight lines that dominate the design of the cabinets. Regarding the performance of the new models, Frost-trol has worked hard in the development of sustainable and high energy-efficient cabinets.

Frost-trol's FullCO2 range was created in response to the market demand for CO2 refrigerant as a safe, modular and scalable system that is easy to maintain. This range makes it possible to optimise CO2 systems in a stable environment that maintains the pressures within the proper range and ensures the greatest energy efficiency in the market. At the same time, it offers a modular system that enables you to customise your installation, either with new equipment or based on an already existing installation.

The new Solid Lines range features counters, islands, cabinets and freezers for commercial refrigeration. The company's latest advances in R&D are aimed at developing models in the plug-in display cabinet group operating with propane (R290) and offer the market sustainable solutions which adapt to different regulations.




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