Watch our hydrocarbons video coverage from EuroShop 2017

By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă, Mar 14, 2017, 15:00 1 minute reading

updated at: Nov 20, 2017, 11:45

Natural refrigerants played a starring role in Düsseldorf. Watch all the action here!

EuroShop took place in Düsseldorf, Germany from 5-9 March 2017.

Commercial refrigeration professionals gathered in Düsseldorf, Germany to unveil and discuss new technologies for natural refrigerants in food retail. Watch the highlights below.

Interview with AHT at EuroShop 2017

Reinhold Resch talks about propane trends at the world's leading retail tradeshow.

Interview with UGUR at EuroShop 2017 spoke to one of the leading suppliers of commerical refrigeration equipment about where they think the market for plug-in hydrocarbon cabinets will go.

Interview with True at EuroShop 2017

Olga Beck, marketing director at True Europe, talks about True's new cabinets for bakeries and the company's strategy to go 100% hydrocarbons.

Interview with GEA at EuroShop 2017

Michael Nagler, Business Development Manager for CO2 applications, talks about the company's new six-cylinder hydrocarbon compressors at EuroShop 2017.

Interview with Emerson at EuroShop 2017

Sylvain Lamy, Director of refrigeration marketing at Emerson, talks about the company's new propane compressors at EuroShop 2017.

Interview with Diego Malimpensa, CAREL at EuroShop 2017

Diego Malimpensa from CAREL introduces at EuroShop 2017 the new HEOS sistema, which offers energy efficiency improvements, direct cabinet temperature control, fast installation, and flexible design.

Interview with CAREL on the 'Heez' at EuroShop 2017

Giovanni Tonin from CAREL talks about the Heez, the new control solution for beverage coolers, at EuroShop 2017. The Heez solution guarantees high performance while reducing environmental impact.

By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă

Mar 14, 2017, 15:00

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