Innovative case studies ready to shine at ATMOsphere America 2015

By Caixia Mao, Jun 04, 2015, 18:31 2 minute reading

ATMOsphere America is back, bigger and better than ever! The conference, which will take place on 25 & 26 June 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, will feature the best ever programme covering everything you need to know about natural refrigerant market trends, regulatory issues and technology innovations in North America. Get some insights into the following case studies that will be presented by Secop, Embraco and Thermo Fisher Scientific and Carel Industries at the event.

How to gain maximum efficiency in plug-in cabinets by using hydrocarbon refrigerants by Drew Martin, Secop
The case study will focus on the combination of R290 as a refrigerant and the use of variable speed compressors to achieve maximum energy efficiency in plug-in cabinets in the food retail sector. The presentation will explain why R600a is not an option for larger systems; although, it is more efficient than R290 in comparison to HFCs. The positive effects of a speed-controlled compressor to energy consumption will also be highlighted. 
The specific application of horizontal plug-in cabinets for food retail will also be discussed, showing positive savings in tons of CO2 and CO2 equivalents, as well as the positive safety record of the cabinets in regard to HC flammability, with 900,000 cabinets installed in this application since 2006. The presentation will also touch on the challenges regarding electromagnetic interference (EMI) for the U.S. and adapting the product to 115V markets.
New alternatives for natural refrigerants in the U.S.: DC compressor waterloop system by Tommaso Ferrarese, CAREL Industries
This presentation will feature a new concept in refrigeration: water-cooled, self-contained refrigeration units equipped with DC compressors. This system is able to combine the advantages of plug-in water-cooled units with the top-level efficiency of DC compressors, already largely used in the HVAC&R industry. 
This presentation will show how a DC compressor waterloop system, first introduced in Europe, could open up a new frontier in the application of natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration in the U.S.. A comparison of this technology using different refrigerants (R410A, CO2 and R290) will be presented as well as energy efficiency data from field installations and lab testing.
For more information about the case studies listed above, as well as other case studies selected for presentation at ATMOsphere America 2015, please take a look at the following articles:


By Caixia Mao

Jun 04, 2015, 18:31

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