Hydrocarbon appliances cool shecco Brussels

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Jul 14, 2014, 11:09 2 minute reading

Blupura and True Manufacturing have recently provided the shecco headquarters in Brussels with two hydrocarbon appliances, a BroadCasting Cooler Vision water cooler and a plug-in bottle cooler respectively. shecco aims to expand its showcasing of ecologically benign and technologically advanced applications to the content of its employees.

Market development expert, shecco, is proud to announce the procurement of two hydrocarbon refrigerant appliances offered by Blupura and True Manufacturing at its headquarters in Brussels. This is the first time that shecco showcases natural refrigerant technology in its premises and the company aims to become more active in this field.

Thanks to Blupura’s hydrocarbon water fountain and True’s hydrocarbon bottle cooler, we can now showcase natural refrigerant technology here in our Brussels office, as well as enjoy perfectly chilled drinks,” says Clemence Girard-Reydet, shecco’s Events Manager. “This is just the beginning, as we intend to continue adding more examples of the technology throughout our office network”, she adds.

Blupura’s BroadCasting Cooler Vision water cooler

Blupura supplied shecco with a still water cooler from its BroadCasting Cooler – Vision range employing the natural refrigerant R600a. The state-of-the-art appliance features:

  • a display screen
  • an internal drip tray with drainage
  • anti vandal stainless steel dispensing keys
  • a robust stainless steel housing
  • an inlet safety valve

The unit achieves a cooling capacity of 30lt/h, a supply capacity of 10lt/h and cool water temperatures between 3°C and 10°C.

True’s hydrocarbon bottle coolers

True Manufacturing offered shecco a GDM-08N-HC-LD1 small single door plug-in bottle cooler from its natural refrigerant series featuring hydrocarbons. According to True the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants can result in up to 15% energy efficiency savings compared to using R134a. The unit showcased at the shecco house operates with the use of R290, requires only 71 gr of refrigerant charge and has a cooling capacity of 211 lt.

About Blupura

Blupura is an Italian manufacturer of high quality and high design drinking watercoolers for the HORECA and hospitality industries. The company is a pioneer since it is the first watercooler manufacturer in the world to use compressors employing zero GWP natural refrigerants. Blupura is a bronze partner on hydrocarbons21.com and was also a silver sponsor of the recent ATMOsphere America 2014 event, held on 18-19 July, in San Francisco. Blupura has recently expanded its operations to the US, opening up an office in Coral Gables, Florida.

About True Manufacturing

True Manufacturing, an industry leader in commercial refrigeration for over 65 years with a continued focus on quality materials, design, availability and performance, has developed a comprehensive series of plug-in bottle coolers operating with the use of natural refrigerant R290. True was an ATMOAmerica 2014 silver sponsor.

About shecco

shecco is a Market Development expert helping companies worldwide to bring their climate friendly solutions faster to market. Headquartered in Belgium, with offices in Japan and the US, shecco has specialised for over 10 years in the natural refrigerant market, including CO2, hydrocarbons, ammonia and water, for which it respectively manages the B2B platforms R744.com, ammonia21.com, hydrocarbons21.com and R718.com


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Jul 14, 2014, 11:09

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