Embraco unveils multi-voltage compressor

The R290 variable-speed unit accommodates plug-in anywhere in the world.

Embraco's FMFT413U Bivoltage R290 compressor

Embraco’s new FMFT413U Bivoltage hermetic R290 compressor – showcased last month at the AHR Expo in Chicago – is actually multi-voltage, accommodating the voltage of any country in the world.

The end user simply attaches a geographically correct power cord, whether for the U.S. (120 V), European countries (230 V), Japan (200 V) or elsewhere.

“We came up with one solution; you just change the power cord,” said Michel Moreira, commercial refrigeration sales senior manager, North American region.

The Bivoltage compressor employs variable-speed technology, helping to improve temperature control and reduce energy consumption up to 30%, said Embraco.

We came up with one solution; you just change the power cord.
– Michel Moreira, Embraco

Another new product, Embraco’s new FMXA6C Fullmotion hermetic compressor for R600a, is a low-profile unit that incorporates an inverter, allowing Embraco “to get the price to the more reasonable range of fixed-speed compressors,” said John Prall, technical support engineer. “So the ROI to go variable speed with a natural refrigerant becomes much shorter.”

In addition, the R600a compressor’s shell is small “so you get more selling space for products,” said Moreira, adding that it also generates very little noise.

Embraco also showcased its first Plug N’ Cool condensing unit for low-temperature applications. The previous version, designed for medium-temperature case, is installed in a MIG supermarket in Brazil, with 12 units replacing a remote R22 system; the Plug N’ Cool reduced energy consumption along with total cost of ownership.

By Michael Garry

Feb 13, 2018, 07:50

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