Dorin HEX R290 compressors offer wide operating range for expanding hydrocarbon market

By Silvia Scaldaferri, May 14, 2014, 07:29 2 minute reading

As the use of hydrocarbons in refrigeration technology continues to increase, and regulatory developments affecting the HVAC&R sector continue apace, the market for this technology is consequently becoming more and more demanding. Accomplished innovator Dorin responds to the industry’s need for larger compressors in industrial and commercial applications with its newly launched HEX compressor series using energy-efficient R290 (propane), on display at China Refrigeration 2014.

The market for hydrocarbon refrigeration components and systems is being driven not only by regulatory developments in the EU and across the globe, but also by the properties of the refrigerant in general. Hydrocarbons are environmentally friendly with extremely low global warming potential (GWP), and they offer interesting system efficiency and COP levels when compared to standard technologies.

Market-oriented and driven by innovation

For commercial and industrial applications, Dorin has developed the HEX series of compressors for R290, offering an exceptionally wide operating range, high-efficiency and low noise.

On display at the recent China Refrigeration Expo 2014, held in Beijing from 9-11 April 2014, the R290 HEX compressor models, along with other company products, received positive feedback from satisfied end users and plant owners alike, already powering jobsites worldwide.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the overall compressor performances, particularly in terms of capacity provided and reliability of smooth and silent compressor operation,” said Giovanni Dorin, Marketing Manager.

Basic specifications of the HEX range compressors

  • Displacement of 2.89 m3/h @ 50Hz – 244.78 m3/h @ 50Hz
  • Motor: 0.5hp – 90hp
  • Standard electrical box IP65 and special oil sight glass, upon request
  • Enhanced lubrication system with mineral oil, with high viscosity (68) for HC

Customised features:

  • Special heads for ranges HEX1, HEX2, HEX32, HEX35 and HEX41
  • Special oil differential pressure sensor (standard for HEX5, HEX6 and HEX7)
  • Special accessories, category 3G, protection rating Ex nA, apply to crankcase heater (standard for entire range), coils for capacity regulation and unloaded start

On display at Chillventa 2014

The HEX compressor series will be on display at Chillventa 2014 in Nurnberg, Germany, from 14-16 October 2014. Officine Mario Dorin SpA and its experienced engineers welcome inquires.

About Dorin

Dorin’s roots date back to 1918, when the company started as a manufacturer of machine tools, broaches and adjustments, air compressors and repairer of motor vehicle engines. In 1932, the company began producing open type compressors for refrigeration systems, which would soon become its core business. For over 90 years, Dorin has been a leader in technology innovation, in particular in the realm of natural refrigerants since 1999.

Dorin is headquartered in Florence, Italy, and manufacturers 600 models of open type and semi-hermetic compressors and condensing units for natural refrigerants, among others, including ammonia (NH3), hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon dioxide (CO2).


By Silvia Scaldaferri

May 14, 2014, 07:29

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