Embraco, a global leader in hermetic compressors, partners with hydrocarbons21.com

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Oct 28, 2013, 16:30 2 minute reading

Brazilian based Embraco, manfacturer of compressors for the refrigeration industry since 1971, has built its reputation as one of the global leaders in the hermetic compressor market with production based in all continents and a capacity of almost 38 million per year. The development of natural refrigerant solutions, particularly hydrocarbon compressors, is a substantial part of company’s portfolio. Hydrocarbons21.com is proud to welcome Embraco as their newest Gold Partner.

Embraco is a company specialised in cooling solutions for more than 40 years, providing innovative solutions whilst keeping technological excellence and sustainability at the heart of their processes. The development of natural refrigerant based technologies represent an important investment priority of the company. Embraco has been manufacturing hydrocarbon compressors for commercial and household applications for two decades.

As a global industry and a technological leader, Embraco has the duty to promote sustainable business, ethical behaviour and environmentally safe solutions. We also need to help our customers in the adoption of hydrocarbons, as we strongly believe they are the best solution in terms of efficiency improvement and GWP reduction in applications of our segment," said Anita Costamagna, Europe Marketing Manager.

A brief history of Embraco

Embraco, based in Joinville (SC), Brazil, began manufacturing compressors in 1971. At that time the Brazilian refrigeration market relied fully on imported compressors, which gave way to a great opportunity for Embraco to grow. A decade later Embraco was already known as a reliable partner in the Brazilian refrigeration market, exporting its production to five continents. In the late 1980’s, Embraco initiated the process of opening production bases outside of Brazil and the consequent expansion of its global sales, consolidating its global leadership. Today Embraco’s products are distributed to over 80 countries.

Embraco in numbers
  • Embraco has a capacity to produce over 38 million compressors per year. In Brazil alone, the company produced 300 million compressors by 2010.
  • In their 42 years of operation, Embraco marketed products in over 80 countries.
  • Today, Embraco directly employs more than 11,500 people in 7 countries (Brazil, China, Italy, Slovakia, USA, Mexico and Russia).
  • Embraco has almost 50 state-of-the-art laboratories and 400 professionals working in this area and maintains strategic partnerships with universities and research institutes in several countries.
  • Embraco has already obtained 1,100 patents worldwide.

Company profile

As one of the pioneers in the development of environmentally friendly products, Embraco reinforced its commitment to global sustainability by offering a full range of high-efficiency compressors (including variable speed technology) and condensing units. With manufacturing facilities located in Brazil, Italy, China, Slovakia and Mexico, besides its range of compressors, Embraco also produces electrical components, cast iron and complete cooling systems for domestic and commercial use.


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Oct 28, 2013, 16:30

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