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By Sabine Lobnig, Jul 28, 2011, 16:32 2 minute reading keeps an expert public up-to-date with newest developments in policy and technology relevant to hydrocarbons as working fluids in heating and cooling applications, and displays top-of-the-art products. In August, we will add a third pillar in our endeavour to bring hydrocarbons faster to market: the world’s first professional natural refrigerant network.

News on developments and trends in policy and industry are vital to enable decision makers and stakeholders to make informed decisions for their businesses and future regulations. The display of innovative products plays an important role in demonstrating to policy makers and consumers that the technology is available, reliable and economically viable. News and products together can contribute to bringing hydrocarbon technology faster to market.

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In August however, will add a new feature that is poised to reinforce and expand the momentum: an online community uniting experts, researchers and industry players in hydrocarbon heating and cooling technologies from Australia to America, passing by Europe, Africa and Asia.

The community will allow members to create their online professional profile and connect to key players in policy and industry around the world. More than that however, the community will offer a wealth of new opportunities:
  • a free directory where members can add their company, create a “company group” online and greatly increase their visibility amongst a well-targeted audience
  • a global network of experts that is specialised in hydrocarbon technology
  • a comprehensive events listing, where members can indicate if they attend conferences and tradeshows to set up meetings directly via the community
  • information exchange on best practices
  • discussions on difficulties of hydrocarbon technologies in different climates
  • comparisons of legislative environments around the world
and much more.

In the countdown to the global network going online, the community coordinators will give you glimpses at what there is to come.

Gateway to a global natural refrigerants community

To support a transition towards more sustainable refrigeration technologies worldwide avoiding the use of synthetic working fluids, the community will also be a gateway to a global natural refrigerant business community, joining experts from the CO2 and ammonia refrigeration professional network. In their profiles, members will be able to choose whether they want to appear on only the platform or also on the communities for ammonia and R744. They will furthermore have the option to post comments and information either on one, two or all three networks. Together, these platforms will constitute the world’s first natural refrigerant business network.


By Sabine Lobnig

Jul 28, 2011, 16:32

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