Freor Opens New Hydrocarbons and CO2 Test Laboratory

By Tine Stausholm, Aug 20, 2021, 12:11 1 minute reading

The Lithuanian HVAC&R manufacturer’s new facility can test both CO2 and hydrocarbon equipment.

The new test lab at Freor. Credit: Freor.

Lithuanian HVAC&R manufacturer Freor has opened a new test facility for equipment using all types of refrigerants, including hydrocarbons and CO2.

The new 90m2 (969ft2) test facility was installed by Air Control S.r.l. and includes a smaller chamber of 37m2 (398ft2). The test laboratory complies with the ISO 23953 standard for refrigerated display cabinets, and meets the EU Energy Labeling regulations.

The Freor test laboratory can perform tests for energy consumption, defrosting, adaptation of other refrigerator control parameters to a specific region according to temperature classes, refrigerant quantity and pressure settings, and leakage prevention.

“We wanted a workroom where it would be possible to test any refrigerant, including CO2 operating equipment, with both integrated and external units to ensure the quality of any refrigerator equipment, regardless of its type or cooling system,” Freor stated on its website.

The test chamber has been completely isolated from its surroundings to obtain the most accurate results, and it can test refrigerators that can “adjust to any country’s electricity network in the world,” Freor said in a newsletter.

The laboratory has been designed to maintain stable temperatures, humidity, light intensity and air movement. “We can get accurate results and thus provide you with a refrigerator that will keep your products perfectly fresh, and meet all qualifications and standards,” Freor added.

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By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Aug 20, 2021, 12:11

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