Copeland Scroll R290 Compressors for Chiller and Heat Pump applications

Emerson offers a full line-up of fixed and variable speed propane Copeland Scroll compressors designed for chillers and heat pump applications. 

ZH*KCU range for comfort applicationsFixed speed scroll compressors, with a capacity from 4.4 kW to 16 kW

Features and Benefits
Axial and radial compliance
Dedicated oil for propane
IP65 (IEC 60529)
No sight-glass, no Schrader value
Hermetic compressor
Wide operating envelope

YHV*1U range for comfort applications
Variable Speed scroll compressors with a capacity from 1.1 kW to 15.7 kW, and their matched inverter drives

Features and Benefits
Axial and radial compliance as well as dedicated oil for propanefor outstanding reliability
3 foot mounted for compactness in the unit
Hermetic compressor, no sight-glass, no Shrader valve toreduce risk of leakage
Wide operating envelope to cover all applicationsCompressor connection is not considered as source of ignition

Applications of ZH*KCU & YHV*1U
Heat pumps

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