Pipe jointing for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.

>B< MaxiPro is an innovative press system, quick and simple to use, providing a secure and permanent joint. Compared to traditional techniques it significantly improves productivity through greatly reduced installation time and enhanced working flexibility. >B< MaxiPro is revolutionising pipe jointing in air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Conex Bänninger specialises in providing fittings, valves and accessories across the globe by offering innovative and versatile solutions. Since 1909, Conex Bänninger has produced over 22 billion fittings and valves and has built its reputation for quality European manufacturing, backed by first-class customer service and unrivalled expertise.

Passionate about excellence, Conex Bänninger is a byword for quality in the domestic, commercial, industrial, shipbuilding, air conditioning and refrigeration markets worldwide. Conex Bänninger is an ISO 9001 company, which assures their customers of consistency in the quality of their services and products.


>B< MaxiPro Brochure

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