ABOUT Temprite

Temprite specialises in innovative, energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators and refrigerant oil management products, including oil level controls and oil reservoirs. 

Company History

Founded in 1924, Temprite was a pioneer in the refrigeration industry and one of the first companies to specialise in refrigeration components in the U.S.. Early Temprite products included beer coolers and dispensing valves for soda fountains and water coolers. The Temprite reputation for innovation arose when the company originated some of the earliest refrigeration components including the conventional oil separator in its current configuration: Every conventional oil separator is a copy of a Temprite oil separator.

In 1988, Temprite was the first company to design and manufacture coalescent oil separators and oil reservoirs with the introduction of the high-efficiency 900 Series. The 920 & 920R Series were developed in 1990-1991 to meet customer needs for energy savings, lower carbon emissions and increased system life. 

Today, Temprite is a premier brand name in the industry. Building on decades of experience in manufacturing components for the refrigeration industry, the Temprite tradition of innovation continues with energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators for every type of refrigerant, such as the 130 Series for CO2 and the ammonia-compatible 920 & 920R Series.

2015 marks the launch of hydrocarbons refrigerant-based components. 

International Distribution

The Temprite plant is located in West Chicago, Illinois, USA, with distribution facilities in Tokyo, Japan; Glasgow, UK; Stuttgart, Germany; Ankara, Turkey; Bangalore, India; and Sydney, Australia. Temprite has worldwide distribution through wholesalers and direct sales to original equipment manufacturers, retailers and medical organizations, and through strategic partners in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Turkey, India and Australia.



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