Propane chillers find myriad uses in Europe

By Michael Garry, Oct 20, 2016, 11:42 1 minute reading

Frascold’s screw compressors are supporting propane/glycol chillers used in commercial air conditioning and medium-temperature supermarket cases.

Frascold's reciprocating compressor at Chillventa

With its eyes on the U.S. market, Italian compressor maker Frascold is making headway in Europe with compressors that support propane/glycol chillers.

Frascold produces screw and reciprocating compressors that are used in propane/glycol air conditioning chillers for commercial and industrial applications, said Matteo Iobbi, product manager for Frascold, at the company’s booth at Chillventa on 12 October. Frascold’s compressors are also being incorporated into isobutene heat pumps used in European public hospitals, he added.

Frascold has also supplied compressors for propane/glycol chillers that UK grocer Waitrose is employing for medium-temperature refrigerated cases, said Massimo Nava, Frascold’s application manager. In Denmark, the propane/glycol chillers are being used for cold storage.

As for the U.S. market, “we are talking with OEMs about what we are doing and we’re close on propane for the U.S.,” Iobbi said.

We’re close on propane for the U.S."
- Matteo Iobbi, Frascold

By Michael Garry

Oct 20, 2016, 11:42

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