Accelerate America opens nominations for Natural Refrigerants Awards

By team, Jan 13, 2016, 14:29 2 minute reading

The awards, to be presented in June at ATMOsphere America, will recognise the end-user companies in food retail, food service and industrial refrigeration that are doing the most with natural refrigerant-based solutions in North America. A person of the year will also be named.

Accelerate America is delighted to begin accepting nominations for its first annual Natural Refrigerants Awards program, which will recognize three end-user companies and one individual for doing the most to drive adoption of natural refrigerants in North America over the past year.

The nominating process opens January 12, 2016 and continues through April 30. Nominations may be submitted here by end users, manufacturers, contractors, consultants, academics, policymakers and others involved with HVAC&R applications using natural refrigerants (CO2, hydrocarbons, ammonia, water and air); end-user companies and individuals may nominate themselves. Nominations may be submitted in multiple categories by the same company or person; one nomination per category.

From May to June 2016, a panel of experts assembled by shecco will review the nominations as well as others not nominated, and select winners. During ATMOsphere America 2016, to be held June 16 and 17 in Chicago, shecco will host a special awards-presentation ceremony honoring the Accelerate America Award winners. The July-August 2016 issue of Accelerate America will profile winning companies and individual.

Two categories

The awards will be presented in two categories: Best in Sector and Person of the Year. A Best in Sector award will go to one end-user company in each of three sectors – food retail, food service and industrial (cold storage or food processing) – that has been a leader in advancing the adoption of natural refrigerant technologies in the previous 12 months in North America.

To be eligible for the sector awards, an end-user company needs to have completed a natural refrigerant-systems performance study between June 2015 and May 2016. The study can refer to systems installed prior to June 2015.

Criteria for assessing nominated companies’ systems will include:
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reproducibility.
  • A business case encompassing capital, installation, operation, maintenance and training, and a return on investment.

Criteria for assessing nominated companies will include:
  • Commitment to future natural-refrigerant installations.
  • Industry leadership.
  • Innovation and perseverance.

The Person of the Year Award will honor a single individual who has done the most to advance the adoption of natural refrigerant technology in North America between June 2015 and May 2016. This award is open to any individual, including end users, manufacturers, contractors, policymakers, academics and consultants.

Criteria for assessing nominated individuals will include:

  • Impact on development and/or implementation of natural-refrigerant systems.
  • Leadership in organization as well as the industry.
  • Innovation and perseverance.

“This will be someone who has driven the market,” said Michael Garry, editor of Accelerate America. “It’s going to be a difficult one to choose, but we want to single out and honor someone who’s really done a special job.” Any questions or comments about the awards program may be sent to

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Jan 13, 2016, 14:29

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