New Bronze Partner, TEGA, offers wide range of natural refrigerants 

By Elke Milner, Sep 30, 2015, 16:57 1 minute reading welcomes its newest Bronze Partner, TEGA – Technische Gase und Gasetechnik GmbH, a prominent refrigerant supplier and service provider based in Germany.

TEGA, a subsidiary of Linde AG, offers the creativity and innovation of a small business environment, together with the experience and know-how that comes with an extensive network of a large corporation. 
Natural refrigerant offering
With a nationwide network of over 200 sales offices throughout Germany, numerous partners across Europe, and a strategic alliance with Linde, TEGA is a reliable supplier of all refrigerants. Among the company’s broad offering, natural refrigerants R717 (ammonia), R744 (carbon dioxide), R290 (propane), R600a (isobutane), R600 (n-butane) and R1270 (propylene) stand out as environmentally friendly alternatives.
Service package
TEGA also offers a comprehensive service package, including:
  • Customized blending of refrigerants
  • Application and supply engineering
  • Refrigerant evacuation, analysis and recycling (even large quantities)
  • Global trading 
  • Container accessibility and handling (including sealing and evacuation of containers)
  • Expert support from authorised inspection agencies 
  • Extensive global network
  • Launching and maintenance of systems 
  • Utilisation of "waste requiring special supervision" by the Recycling and Waste Act 
TEGA employs more than 100 people, allowing the company to effectively complete any sized project while still exemplifying the value placed on personal connections among customers and suppliers.  
More about TEGA
TEGA has a nationwide network of over 200 sales offices throughout Germany, making it a leader in sales of refrigerants. Operating a filling plant TEGA is in the position to react on individual customer needs in a flexible way. The company focus is on providing the highest quality standards and an extensive product range. Safety, health, and environmental protection are the basic principles for TEGA’s business activities. 


By Elke Milner

Sep 30, 2015, 16:57

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