European Business Award goes to natural refrigerants!

By Sabine Lobnig, Jun 10, 2010, 11:19 2 minute reading

A commercial ice cold merchandiser that uses hydrocarbon R290, R600a and R744 as the refrigerant has been awarded with the second place of the European Business Award for Environment 2010. The use of natural refrigerants as well as the use of natural substances in the insulation process render the coolers completely HFC-free.

The prizes are awarded by the European Commission every two years and single out European companies that have made outstanding contributions to sustainable development in four categories - management, products, processes, and international cooperation. The Greek-based company Frigoglass has designed, produced and marketed the natural refrigerant coolers and was therefore recognised amongst the top three companies in Europe for the Product Award in the Sustainable Development category. As main reason the jury stated that the units use natural refrigerants that significantly reduce the impact on the environment both in terms of greenhouse emissions and in terms of energy consumption.

In addition, the jury highlighted:

  • The incorporation of a smart energy monitoring and control system into commercial ice-cold merchandisers leading to substantial energy savings
  • The extensive commercialisation of these new merchandisers showing their business benefits
  • This development has and can have further major impacts on the adoption of environmentally and energy efficient food and drink cabinets
The product features

Depending on the specific application the commercial ice cold merchandiser range, namely Ecocool, uses R290, R600a or R744. The company uses also natural substances in the insulation process. In combination with the use of HFC-free refrigerants it makes the Ecocool range completely HFC-free. 
The intelligent energy management system allows energy saving of up to 50% compared to equivalent units produced 10 years ago. Advanced assembly techniques and the use of less material contribute to increased recyclability of the coolers.

About the European Business Awards 2010

The awards go to companies that spur economic growth by contributing to innovation and competitiveness while also protecting the environment. This year the 10 finalists were chosen from 141 entries from 24 EU and candidate countries. The Jury, chaired by Cristina García-Orcoyen Tormo, Chief Executive of the Fundación Entorno-BCSD España, has been made up of 14 environmental experts representing industry, NGOs, academia and public authorities.


By Sabine Lobnig

Jun 10, 2010, 11:19

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