Viessmann becomes silver partner on

The manufacturer of propane heat pumps for commercial use and hydrocarbon refrigeration systems has become a partner for the first time.

Viessmann Refrigeration Systems – a European manufacturer of refrigeration solutions including propane heat pumps for commercial use and hydrocarbon refrigeration units – has become a partner for the first time on

Sustainable solutions are part of the company’s philosophy. “We highly welcome all efforts to drive the developments and decisions towards more sustainable solutions. Fortunately, many key customers have also taken this topic as one of their core values,” Jaana Tiura, marketing director at Viessmann Refrigeration Systems, told

For Viessmann, the EU F-Gas Regulation has been a big driver of the uptake of commercial hydrocarbon cooling and heating systems. 

“We have already seen a clear switch from old refrigerants into the natural ones in Western Europe. The F-Gas Regulation has raised awareness and generated new investments for more sustainable refrigeration solutions,” Tiura said. 

The company has been very successful with its propane-based plug-in cabinets and refrigeration units for cold rooms. They have "in general received a lot of positive feedback, especially due to their lower energy usage,” she explained.

Always innovating…

Viessmann recently launched two innovations: the ‘Click4Food’ – which allows supermarket customers to order their shopping online and easily collect it from an external pick-up station – and its ESyCool Green, a total energy system for food retailing,  at EuroShop 2017.

The ‘Click4Food’ solution uses propane and isobutene for the refrigerated pick-up lockers and  can be installed at a train station, supermarket car park, petrol station, bus stop or airport. 

Our Click4Food online grocery sales units have so far received positive feedback."
Jaana Tiura, Marketing Director, Viessmann 

“Our Click4Food online grocery sales units have so far received positive feedback. The units have proven to function reliably and the software has been easy to adapt,” she said.

Similarly, the Viessmann ESyCool Green system represents a step forward in innovation. Developed with Aldi Nord it covers an integrated energy solution for a discounter store. The centre of the energy system is Viessmann’s propane heatpumps and together with energy storage the system enables intelligent Energy Management for refrigeration and heating.

“The system is based on series-produced propane heat pumps for commercial use. We want to introduce this sustainable energy management system in the future also with other food retailing customers,“ she added.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Jun 27, 2017, 10:06

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