Secop’s new compressor range brings hydrocarbons to Middle East

By team, Jun 16, 2016, 10:47 1 minute reading

The new Kappa Tropical Compressor range from Secop is designed specifically with the harsher conditions of the Middle East in mind.  

Secop came about following a merger of two former well-known European brands. Markus Lackner, Secop’s Head of Platform Management & Project Manager Global Technology, told that this really helped give them an edge over rival products. Indeed, the merger helped Secop to bring new and more innovative products to market.

The Kappa compressor range is central to Secop’s business in the household market, with more than 40 million compressors produced so far. 

 Unstable voltage poses challenges

The US and Europe have a constant and stable power supply that does not fluctuate greatly and always works well with compressors designed for these voltages. But it is a different story elsewhere. “In some exposed regions in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa,the power supply is not that stable”, Lackner says, and different conditions that in Europe. This naturally requires different solutions. 

It often fluctuates between 150 and 220 volts, then if they turn on another power plant it can shoot up to 300 volts. This obviously causes a lot of problems for any electrical equipment plugged into the grid, he explained.

This is what makes the Kappa Tropical for R600a so different. “Even at this condition our compressors will run properly. And the refrigerant will run properly and your beverage will still be cold,” said Lackner.

The new compressor’s voltage range is between 170-264V. Lackner says they are capable of starting at even lower voltages. 

Kappa Tropical was launched last month and is already gaining market traction. “We have big plans,” said Lackner, stressing that it will play a central role in Secop’s new strategy for the Middle East region. 

By team (@hydrocarbons21)

Jun 16, 2016, 10:47

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