Embraco Introduces Miniature R600a Compressors for Residential Refrigeration

By Tine Stausholm, Oct 28, 2021, 09:52 2 minute reading

The smallest of two new compressors is just 123mm high; both models will go into commercial production before the end of 2021.

The new Embraco FMS mini compressor, which is only 123mm high. Credit: Embraco.

Brazilian compressor manufacturer Embraco, a brand of Nidec Global Appliance, has launched two new isobutane (R600a) miniature compressors, the FMS and ES models, for the residential refrigeration segment.

Both models have a very small size, with the variable-speed FMS compressor standing only 123mm (4.8in) tall. The FMS is a third smaller than its predecessor, the EM3, but retains the same a maximum cooling capacity of 265W (0.075TR). It is suitable for applications from small beer-and-wine coolers to larger multi-door refrigerators.

Both compressors have a “remarkable combination of innovation, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and a unique correlation of cooling capacity and size,” Embraco said in a statement.

They will be in commercial production before the end of 2021, and will be available globally. Embraco already has customers planning to take advantage of the smaller sized compressors with new cabinet designs, the company said.

“The ES and FMS represent a new stage in our product portfolio,” said Ricardo Bristotti, Home Appliances Vice-President at Nidec Global Appliance. “Both [compressors] are state of the art products. Particularly FMS brings new design possibilities to residential refrigeration due to its small size.”

Up to 40% more efficient

The FMS was developed to make it up to 40% more energy efficient than traditional fixed-speed compressors. An added bonus to the new variable-speed model is that it has a 15 to 20% lower noise level than equivalent fixed compressors, when operating in steady state conditions.

The other model, the ES, is fixed speed and suitable for applications like water coolers and residential refrigerators. It is slightly bigger than the FMS, at 155mm (6.1in), but still smaller than the previous EM3 model, also allowing more space inside cabinets. It has a 166W (0.047TR) capacity, which is “around 20% higher than market standard for this category of size, with 1.83 W/W of energy efficiency,” according to Embraco. 

An additional benefit of the ES is the flexible suction port that adapts to the system layout. The ES is a global solution, Embraco said, while stressing that the main goal of the model was to “address market needs in the American continent.”

“Both [compressors] are state of the art products. Particularly FMS brings new design possibilities to residential refrigeration due to its small size," - Richardo Bristotti, Embraco

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By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Oct 28, 2021, 09:52

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