• Automatic evacuating and hydrocarbons charging
• Suitable for R600a and R290


Galileo TP Process Equipment has developed a new generation of automatic evacuating and hydrocarbons charging equipment.

Technical specifications

  • Suitable for R600a and R290 (+other refrigerants)
  • Refrigerant supply: 1000 ÷ 2000 KPa (10 ÷ 20 bar) according to refrigerant type
  • Charge range: 10 ÷ 9999,9g
  • Accuracy (for HC): ± 0.5g for charge <100g, ± 0.5% for charge >100g,
  • Charging speed (for HC): Up to 40 g/s
  • Number of charging fillers: one or two
  • Length of fillers: 3.5 m (other on request)
  • Number of dosing systems: 1,2 or 4
  • Programmable charges: 200 (more on request)
  • Measurement units: refrigerant charge (g, oz), vacuum (Pa, micron Hg), pressure (Kpa, psi), temperature (°C, °F), time (s)
  • Power consumption: 950 W
  • Noise level: < 52 dB (A)


  • Extremely high accuracy
  • No gas release injector
  • Easy to program and to use
  • High synergy, each filler can be supplied by two metering devices (i.e one with R 600a, one with R134a)
  • High reliability
  • High safety, the HC line is ventilated and controlled by gas sensors
  • Low maintenance
  • Contemporary charging cycles with n° 2 fillers (2nd vacuum pump optional)
  • Touch screen
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Up 200 programmable charges with relevant working parameters (more on request)
  • Software package to interface printer and bar code reader


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