Compact TripleAqua Heat Pump

Heating, cooling and storage in one.


The compact TripleAqua heat pump is installed outdoors, on or next to the building. The unit is capable of cooling and heating two water supply pipes, individually or all at once. TripleAqua uses clean, natural gas PROPÆNE and a double hermetic design heat pumping system for transferring temperature to the internal circuit. The pipes exiting the heat pump contain heated and cooled water only. No coolants can therefore enter the building.


TripleAqua main benefits:

  • Use of natural PROPÆNE instead of F-gases
  • Passive waste heat and cold storage
  • The possibility to heat certain rooms within one building and cool other rooms
  • Up to 50% lower energy consumption
  • The absence of refrigerant in the building and a simple control panel


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