ABOUT Panasonic

In recent years, there has been a pressing issue in the development of refrigeration systems to prevent global warming, which adapt eligible refrigerants with less GWP and excellent energy efficiency.

Panasonic developed the unique CO2 Direct Expansion Refrigerating System that adapted CO2 (carbon dioxide), an ultimate natural refrigerant (non-Freon), and has already introduced it to the Japanese market.

CO2 refrigerant is excellent for environment and safety factors, but on the other hand, it's difficult to ensure the energy efficiency compared to conventional HFC refrigerants. Currently, through developments of new types of Two-stage compression rotary compressors and a split-cycle with Panasonic's own unique technologies, the company has gained validation - about 60% reduction in annual CO2 emissions, as well as achieving about 25% of the energy-saving performance at the freezing condition, and about 16% at the refrigerating condition compared to conventional HFC refrigerant (R404A).

Furthermore, adopting the two-stage compression two-stage expansion refrigeration cycle makes it possible to stabilise refrigerant transfer pressure to the evaporator, also a reduction of the piping materials and the workability involving with the solutions. 

A field test has just been performed in Denmark in January 2016. The product has been sold in the European market since 2017. The company is planning to expand the product line-up and distribution channels.


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