ABOUT Oz-Chill

Who is Oz-Chill?

We are an Australian-owned company with a mission to make a difference both environmentally and economically. The Oz-Chill story begins with a quantum leap forward in the field of refrigeration mechanics. The rise of international concern over the use of synthetic greenhouse gases opened up new avenues of exploration in alternative refrigerant use. To meet that need, we focused our energies on the production and supply of refrigerant alternatives to the harmful inefficient fluorocarbon chemicals which fuel most of Australia’s air conditioning and refrigerant systems.

Our products are refined and blended from various hydrocarbons such as Propane, Methane, Butane, in specific proportions to provide the particular properties required. In focusing on the new technology of hydrocarbon refrigerants, our products are in accord with the policies supported by Greenpeace, the United Nations Environmental Program and some of the world’s largest companies including McDonald’s, Coke, Pepsi and many more.

What Do We Do? The Oz-Chill Difference

In our commitment to bringing the most energy-efficient refrigerants to market, our services centre on the removal and replacement of fluorocarbon HFC, CFC, and HFCF refrigerant gases with energy efficient hydrocarbon alternatives. In the process we are able to save hundreds or even thousands of kg’s of CO2 per kg of refrigerant!

Moreover, with the imposition of the Carbon Tax, our refrigerants are not only environmentally sound but only a fraction of the cost of traditional refrigerants. Oz-Chill refrigerants are also approximately 50% more efficient conductors of heat compared to fluorocarbon based alternatives. What this means is that most systems will receive power consumption savings benefits between 10% and 30%. In sum, we are able to pass amazing economic and energy savings on to our customers.

We also save wear and tear on your systems. In running at lower operating discharge pressure, our refrigerants actually reduce the work that the compressor has to do. In reducing the pressure on pipe work, joints, fittings etc. the chance of leaks and breakdowns is reduced, extending the working life of your equipment and further reducing your costs in the long run.

For all of these reasons, we invite you to experience what has become the preferred easy drop-in replacement refrigerant for technicians and trained engineers across the globe. Experience the Oz-Chill Difference.

Why Oz-Chill?
  • Cheap alternative – No Australian Carbon Tax
  • Easy Drop In Replacement
  • No Bottle Deposit or Rental
  • Reduces Power Consumption
  • Reduces Head Pressures
  • Quality, Purity and Consistency
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Hydrocarbon
  • Environmentally Safe


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