Emerson to Participate in Second Annual World Refrigeration Day

Company to take part in webinar and host live trivia quiz that ties into event’s “Cold Chain 4 Life” theme.

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Emerson, a St. Louis, Missouri (U.S.)-based refrigeration manufacturer, will participate in the second annual World Refrigeration Day (WRD) 2020, presenting in a webinar and hosting a live trivia event based on the event’s “Cold Chain 4 Life” theme.

By supporting World Refrigeration Day, Emerson aims to showcase its commitment to innovating HVAC&R technology and to stimulating “dialogue in the industry about how we can all achieve this goal,” according to Dr. Rajan Rajendran, Vice President of Emerson’s system innovation center.

On June 26, at 9 am EDT, Emerson will take part in a 90-minute webinar titled “Refrigerants for Life: How Refrigerants Affect Modern Life” hosted by ASHRAE, UN Environment OzonAction and WRD Secretariat. Rajendran will present on the responsible use of refrigerants at the webinar.

As part of WRD, Emerson will also host a digital live trivia event on its Copeland Facebook page. The event is free to participate in, and those wishing to take part can find the open invitation here.

The event will be on June 26, 2020 and will start at 2 p.m. EDT.

Participants can win Copeland brand t-shirts, or a $100 Amazon gift card grand prize by “answering questions related to the commercial refrigeration and air conditioning industry, company history andproduct knowledge,” according to Emerson.

“We are actively engaged with leaders in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries to address the many challenges the industry is facing,” said Rajendran.

These challenges include “evolving environment-related regulations; climate change awareness; human health and comfort; the growing ubiquity of digital technologies; food safety and quality needs; and the never-ending energy efficiency and operating cost concerns,” he added.

World Refrigeration Day

The second annual WRD will take place on June 26, 2020 in honor of Lord Kelvin (William Thomson), who was born on this date in 1824, and for whom the absolute temperature (Kelvin) scale is named.

This year’s theme, “Cold Chain 4 Life,” focuses on the importance of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump technology for people around the world.

For Emerson, the day’s goal is to “motivate adoption of best practices to minimize food waste/loss in the supply chain, stimulate wise technology selections and enhance operations to minimize leakage of refrigerants and maximize energy efficiency,” according to Emerson’s press release.

“RACHP and HVACR organizations and professionals from the U.S., India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Africa, and across Europe have indicated their support for the establishment of World Refrigeration Day and will participate in a range of activities to recognize the event,” according to the Emerson website.

You can read more about World Refrigeration Day’s goals and events here, as well as about Emerson refrigeration, cold chain, and air conditioning technologies here.

By Nicholas Cooper

Jun 18, 2020, 16:12

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