Beijer Ref CEO: NatRefs 'big news' at Chillventa

Beijer Ref CEO Per Bertland predicts that more natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R systems will be on display at next week’s Chillventa tradeshow.

Beijer Ref CEO Per Bertland (l) and COO Simon Karlin (r) inspect the production line at SCM Ref BV (a Beijer Ref company) in the Netherlands.

Natural refrigerants will be “big news” at Chillventa, said Per Bertland – CEO of Beijer Ref, one of the world’s biggest distributors of HVAC&R technologies – ahead of the tradeshow.

“I think natural refrigerants will be the big news at the show, when we talk to suppliers,” Bertland told a special edition of Accelerate magazine published by shecco, publisher of this website. “I’m convinced that will be the lead at Chillventa.”

The Chillventa tradeshow, the next edition of which takes place in the German city of Nuremberg from 16-18 October 2018, is the world’s biggest gathering of HVAC&R technology manufacturers and enthusiasts.

Attendance figures for this year’s edition of the biannual show are set to surpass the 981 exhibitors and over 30,000 visitors from around the world who attended the last Chillventa in 2016.

Natural refrigerants will be the big news at the show. – Per Bertland, Beijer Ref

Fast-moving market

Bertland expects to see “a huge difference” this year, with many more natural refrigerant-based products on display at this edition of the show. “The market is moving so fast at the moment,” he said.

Yet Beijer Ref is not just excited about seeing all the new natural refrigerant products on display. It is also there to showcase its own.

“At Chillventa we will bring our latest units, and more of them will be on natural refrigerants,” says Simon Karlin, Beijer Ref’s COO, who is responsible for ARW (Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Wholesale). “Almost everything will be on natural refrigerants.”

Click here to read more from Per Bertland, along with a host of other stories, in a special edition of Accelerate magazine supported by Beijer Ref.

By Andrew Williams

Oct 09, 2018, 15:20

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