Accelerate Australia & NZ announces first list of Movers & Shakers

15 organisations were recognised for their work in advancing the adoption of natural refrigerants in Australia and New Zealand in the latest issue of Accelerate Australia and NZ.

The first issue of Accelerate Australia & NZ was published in autumn 2016. Across the nine issues of the magazine, we've sought to highlight the most important companies and organisations behind the adoption of natural-refrigerant technology in Australia.

The following are the 15 organisations that deserve recognition for their efforts to promote natural refrigerants, as Australia and New Zealand's HVAC&R industry takes steps to phase down HFCs in this new era.

This initial list covers not just 2018, but the years leading up to it as well.

Please note that we have not ranked the 15 organisations on the list. They are all considered of equal status, each in their own unique fashion.

The full story, with more information on each company's latest updates on progress with natural refrigerant systems and installations, features in the autumn 2018 issue of Accelerate Australia and NZ.

AJ Baker & Sons

Key Highlight: Managing transcritical CO2 in warm ambient temperatures.

Bitzer Australia

Key Highlight: Technology roadshow in Australia & New Zealand on CO2 transcritical and ammonia systems.

Danfoss Australia

Key Highlight: Contributing to the need for more CO2 training.

GEA Refrigeration Australia

Key Highlight: Key supplier of CO2 and ammonia compressors to Australia's industrial and commercial sectors.

Gordon Brothers Industries

Key Highlight: Over a hundred years of working with natural refrigerants.

Hussmann Oceania

Key Highlight: More than 30 transcritical systems in operation in New Zealand, with more to come.

KAV Consulting

Key Highlight: Driving CO2 system innovation.

Mayekawa Australia

Key Highlight: Pushing for natural refrigerant heat pump adoption.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners Australia

Key Highlight: Introduction of CO2 heat pumps.

Natural Refrigerants Company

Key Highlight: Driving fully integrated transcritical CO2 systems in Australia.

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies

Key Highlight: Driving the development and adoption of low-charge ammonia technology.


Key Highlight: Pioneering fully integrated CO2 transcritical systems in retail.

Drakes Supermarkets

Key Highlight: Committing to CO2 transcritical.

Foodstuffs North Island

Key Highlight: Leading CO2 retail implementation in New Zealand.


Key Highlight: Nurturing Australia's local natural-refrigerant ecosystem.

By Devin Yoshimoto

May 24, 2018, 09:50

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