Tecumseh unveils propane/glycol mini-chiller

The outdoor plug-and-play unit, which contains 12 l of R290, is designed for small stores.

Tecumseh's R290/glycol mini-chiller

In an effort to serve the growing demand for natural refrigerant systems in convenience stores and small supermarkets, Tecumseh Products has introduced an “eco-friendly” mini chiller using propane (R290) as the primary refrigerant and glycol as the secondary refrigerant.

Tecumseh, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., unveiled a prototype of the system in October at the 2016 Chillventa trade show, which took place in Nuremberg, Germany. The system is slated to undergo field tests.

“Two years ago we came to Chillventa with a concept; [this year] we came with a prototype,” said Christian Brac de la Perrière, project manager condensing unit for Tecumseh. “This prototype is one way for us to build a condensing unit with R290.”

This prototype is one way for us to build a condensing unit with R290.”
–  Christian Brac de la Perrière, Tecumseh

The outdoor plug-and-play chiller, which contains 12 l of R290, is designed primarily for convenient stores and small supermarkets, but can also be used in restaurants, fast-food outlets, service stations, bakeries, warehouses and other public and private buildings. Its capacity ranges from 6 kW to 36 kW, and it employs Tecumseh’s compressors with a variable-speed drive.

Because the chiller is used outside, the 12 l propane charge does not preclude its use in Europe, noted Keith Gifford, director of global marketing for Tecumseh.

The chiller serves temperatures ranging from 30 °F to 10 °F, and can be used as a condenser for a lower-temperature system, said Brac de la Perrière.

By Michael Garry

Dec 11, 2016, 23:55

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