UPDATE: ATMOsphere Europe 2016 heads to Barcelona for the first time, ATMO Asia 2016 returns to Tokyo

By Suzanne Lindquist, Nov 03, 2015, 12:02 3 minute reading

After six successful meetings in Brussels ATMOsphere Europe 2016 “Natural Refrigerants – Solutions for Europe” is moving to Barcelona, while ATMO Asia returns to Tokyo for the third time, in February 2016. A Call for Case Studies has been issued for both events.

ATMOsphere Europe serves as the forum for HVAC&R industry experts to discuss the latest natural refrigerant technology developments, regulatory updates and market trends. Key topics featuring at the event include EU F-Gas Regulation opportunities and challenges, and natural refrigerant-based technology in warm climates.

In addition, for the third year in a row, ATMOsphere Asia 2016 will return to Shin-Maru Square in Tokyo, Japan. ATMOsphere Asia “Natural Refrigerants – Solutions for Asia” will cover the latest in natural refrigerant technology innovations and updates on policy, covering both Japan and the international scope.

The third ATMOsphere Asia “Natural Refrigerants – Solutions for Asia” conference will coincide with the Supermarket Trade Show, running from 9 and 10 February. It is expected to attract more Asian and international end users and industry stakeholders than previous years.

Key Topics and Highlights

ATMO Europe 2016:

In line with the conference’s new southern location, one of the main topics at ATMOsphere Europe 2016 will be natural refrigerant-based technology applications in warmer climate regions. End users and suppliers will present their latest projects, emphasising lessons learned and best practices.

With the EU F-Gas Regulation now in force, another major point of discussion will be the progress on implementing the new regulation. A number of industry experts including government representatives and leading manufacturers will highlight both the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

Registration for Europe is officially open, and a call for case studies has been issued. For more information, registration and regular updates, please visit: www.atmo.org/europe2016. To submit a case study, please visit: www.atmo.org/europe2016/casestudies.

ATMO Asia 2016: 

The conference will cover both policy and innovation for natural refrigerants. Some highlights include information on national subsidies by the Japanese Ministry of Environment, information on F-Gas policies and implementation across Europe and North & South America. Technological innovations, market trends and regulatory issues will be discussed from the micro to macro scales, noting the importance of the international dimension on application of natural refrigerant technology.

Registration for ATMOsphere Asia 2016 is officially open, and a call for case studies has been issued. For more information and regular updates, please visit: www.atmo.org/asia2016/registrationTo submit a case study, please visit: www.atmo.org/asia2016/casestudies.


Several leading companies have announced their sponsorship for ATMOsphere Europe and ATMOsphere Asia 2016, including:


Panasonic (Asia) - Panasonic’s outstanding reputation for manufacturing HVAC&R high quality, reliable products has led to the service of customers around the world in numerous different industries, including HVAC&R.

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration (Europe) – is one of the world’s leaders in high-technology heating, AC and refrigeration solutions for sectors including residential, commercial, retail, transport, beverage and food service industries.


Mayekawa (Asia/Europe); SANDEN (Asia/Europe); Advansor (Europe); Luvata (Europe); Thermo King (Europe); Epta Refrigeration (Europe)


Danfoss (Asia/Europe); Emerson Climate Technologies (Asia/Europe);
CAREL Industries (Asia/Europe); Bitzer (Asia); YAMATO Corp (Asia); Huayi Compressor Barcelona (Europe); Dorin (Europe); Parker Hannifin (Europe)


Alfa Laval (Asia/Europe); Temprite (Asia); Dorin (Asia); SWEP (Asia); Secop (Europe); Frigo-Consulting (Europe); Embraco (Europe); Obrist Engineering (Europe)

Sponsorship opportunities
For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Franziska Menten at franziska.menten@shecco.com.

For other questions or comments, please contact info@ATMO.org.


By Suzanne Lindquist

Nov 03, 2015, 12:02

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