ATMOsphere America to host exclusive pre-launch of natural refrigerant market reference tool

By Janaina Topley Lira, May 13, 2015, 14:50 3 minute reading

Following the success of its first publication on the North American market for natural refrigerants, the “GUIDE 2013 – North America’s Market Potential”, shecco will release the “GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in North America – State of the Industry” in August 2015, with an exclusive preview in June at the ATMOsphere America conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Companies working with natural refrigerants are invited to showcase their know-how and expertise i

The GUIDE series serves as an important reference tool for those working with or interested in working with the natural refrigerants carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, ammonia, water and air. The new GUIDE, which will be published as a special edition of Accelerate America, will update readers on changes and drivers in the fast-moving natural refrigerant market and help them to keep a competitive edge by identifying opportunities within the HVAC&R industry. 
GUIDE North America content
The GUIDE will deliver a basic guide to natural refrigerants in North America and will feature three application-focused chapters on light commercial, commercial and industrial refrigeration.
Best practice examples of case studies as well as a listing of available and best products in the market will underline the rapid market developments in North America in the field of natural refrigerant-based technology.  
In addition, the publication will deliver a detailed analysis of an industry-wide survey conducted among HVAC&R experts and end users across the continent, identifying market shares of natural and traditional refrigerants, purchasing criteria of end users, impact of policy on market development, drivers and challenges of natural refrigerant adoption, and much more. Exclusive interviews with end users will offer unique insight into the subtleties of the North American market in addition to further highlighting drivers and challenges for adoption of natural refrigerant solutions. 
Updated commercial and light commercial installation maps and supplier maps will pinpoint locations of natural refrigerant-based light commercial and commercial refrigeration installations, showing market change since 2013, including the significant shift toward the use of hydrocarbons since their SNAP approvals beginning in 2011. The maps also serve as a signpost of untapped markets in North America.
Free distribution and supporters
The GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in North America – State of the Industry will be available for free to read online or download and will reach an audience of more than 11,000 readers including industry, policy and academic experts. To view the GUIDE 2013 – North America’s Market Potential, please visit
To support this GUIDE and to maximise visibility for your company and products, the following options are available:
  • 2-page case studies
  • Full page ads
  • Premium product directory
For all details and pricing please contact
We are happy to already have the support of the following companies: Carnot Refrigeration, Bitzer, Eco Thermics, Microgroove, Embraco, Emerson, Hillphoenix, GCAP, Shrieve, Dorin, Alfa Laval, Secop and Güntner.

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For more than a decade market development expert shecco has been active in helping bring climate friendly technologies faster to market. shecco supports over 100+ partners worldwide in the HVAC&R sector, where the focus is on sustainable refrigeration, heating & cooling technologies using natural refrigerants. shecco offers a variety of services in three areas: 1) media & publications, including online industry platforms and a catalogue of dedicated research reports; 2) business development, including market research, consultancy and public affairs services, as well as special international projects; and 3) events, including international conferences and national workshops.



By Janaina Topley Lira

May 13, 2015, 14:50

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