Powering the latest bottle coolers: Embraco’s new EMX3118Y hydrocarbon compressor

By Robert Davidson, Nov 26, 2014, 11:34 2 minute reading

Embraco’s new hydrocarbon compressor, the EMX3118Y, was unveiled at this year’s Chillventa in Nüremburg. The model is a high efficiency, environmentally friendly and cost saving unit built for application with R600a. Based on the long-established technology of Embraco’s EM series, the EMX3118Y has undergone a thorough adaptation and approval process to enable it to be used in commercial bottle cooler applications

Inside Embraco’s beautiful white and turquoise booth at Chillventa this year, something equally impressive was waiting to be seen: the new EMX3118Y compressor, specifically designed for hydrocarbons. The compressor’s flexibility means that it can be applied easily in both coolers and chest freezers. Embraco had this to say about their new hydrocarbon compressor:
The launch of EMX3118Y at Chillventa has proved the effectiveness of our strategy to continuously develop innovative, reliable and robust solutions for our customers, providing them with high quality and efficient products. Our major objective is always to help our clients to boost their applications success in the light commercial segment, accomplishing the requests of end users and specifiers in terms of sustainability, improved efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Opening the treasure chest
The EMX3118Y, which is produced in Embraco’s Slovakian factory, has the following specifications:
  • Height of 171mm
  • 1/7 HP and 12.2 cc displacement
  • RSCR motor
  • Suitable for coolers up to 400 litres (although the compressor can be used in bigger coolers depending on its temperature class,  condenser and evaporator construction and its ventilation)
  • Cooling capacity of 213W and an EER of 1.73W/W for low evaporation temperature applications (low back pressure - LBP)
  • Cooling capacity of 421W and an EER of 2.6W/W for medium evaporation temperature applications (medium back pressure - MBP), such as commercial display counters
  • Uses isobutane (R600a) as the refrigerant, which has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP)
  • Highly efficient, which lowers operating costs
  • Wide application range
  • Small dimensions
About Embraco
Embraco is a Brazilian company founded in Joinville and one of the world leaders in the hermetic compressor market. With manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Italy, China, Slovakia and Mexico the company has a production capacity of over 38 million compressors per year. Since 1971, Embraco have made technological leadership, operational excellence and sustainability the pillars which everything they do rest upon.



By Robert Davidson

Nov 26, 2014, 11:34

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