2014 China refrigeration: latest hydrocarbons products on display

By Clémence Girard-Reydet, Apr 28, 2014, 14:34 2 minute reading

At the 2014 China Refrigeration Exhibition in Beijing, a number of international and Chinese suppliers showcased their latest hydrocarbon products. hydrocarbons21.com looks at those exhibitors displaying R290 and R600a products. + PHOTOS

At the 24th China Refrigeration Exhibition, held from 9-11 April 2014 in Beijing. In terms of hydrocarbon products, leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Chinese market are updating their technologies or extending product ranges to meet the market’s requirement. Many companies confirmed that hydrocarbons are clearly accepted as an alternative technology with great potential in the manufacturing of domestic and commercial refrigerators and freezers.

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Embraco - The Brazilian compressor manufacturer presented its R290 and R600a compressors for various commercial applications at its booth.  Covered were compressors for vending machines, medical appliances, horizontal freezer and after market. In example, R290 model EMTE2134U optimized compressor for chest and ice cream freezers allowing bigger cooling capacities with a small compressors. The company has a factory in China for its compressor production.
Tecumseh - This year Tecumseh celebrates 80 years of existence and 50 years of partnership with its Chinese partner Century. Tecumseh exhibited number of hydrocarbon compressors. On display were TH Series of R290 compressors for commercial refrigeration for low and medium temperatures, capacity range 1/15 - 1/5 HP or the AE2 range with capacities 1/5 to 1/2 HP. 

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Cubigel / HUAYI - The Spanish manufacturer brought to this year China Refrigeration two samples of its R290 compressors. NPT12FSC designed for commercial applications, this R290 compressor low energy consumption by adopting electronically controlled running modes and variable speed system.
Frascold - The Italian compressor manufacturer exhibited its semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for suitable for hydrocarbons, model S 20 56 AXH. The AXH (R290, R1270, R600a) / AXY / AXE Series come in 76 models, 2 to 8 cylinders.
SECOP - The German compressor manufacturer showcased its series of R290 and R600a compressors at the booth. The innovative XV R600a with removable electronic controller received an Innovation Award for its extremely small and light size challenging current industry standards. SECOP claims that cooling capacity is 20% higher than for conventional R600a compressors at very low noise levels. The new model has an adaptable capacity for various applications. 
Others exhibitors
Midea - As the only Chinese system supplier Midea showcased its R290 air conditioner. At least that every visitor must thought seeing the marketing messages clearly pointing to “R290 New Refrigerant” system, the actual exhibited out door unit was however not R290 but an HFC model. The industry highly anticipated market introduction of R290 residential spit AC unit has not yet become a reality as neither of Midea, Gree or Haier has started real production of R290 AC. 
Shanghai HIGHLY - Shanghai HIGHLY Group Co., Ltd. is one of largest compressor manufacturers in China. At this year’s exhibition, the company presented it's G, L, H series R290 compressor models. The cooling capacity of HIGHLY’s R290 compressor is between 700w and 4700w. Chinese current standards on flammable refrigerants have slowed down the adoption of R290 solutions for the domestic market. 



By Clémence Girard-Reydet

Apr 28, 2014, 14:34

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