UPDATED: EuroShop 2014: Hydrocarbons a viable solution for supermarkets

By Janaina Topley Lira, Apr 14, 2014, 15:02 3 minute reading

Reporting from EuroShop 2014, one of the world’s leading retail trade fairs, hydrocarbons21.com found that hydrocarbons have become a proven solution in the realm of natural refrigeration, not just for smaller stores, but also for supermarkets. In part one of our EuroShop reporting, hydrocarbons21.com will focus on the larger hydrocarbon solutions on show. + VIDEO

EuroShop 2014, which took place from 16 – 20 February in Düsseldorf, Germany, featured a substantial number of hydrocarbon units for food retail applications. Since the last EuroShop three years ago, there has been a significant increase in not only the number of hydrocarbon products, but also the number of companies involved in the use of hydrocarbons as a natural solution in commercial refrigeration. 
Notable about EuroShop2014 was that hydrocarbons are no longer only applicable in small units such as bottle coolers, ice cream displays and vending machines. Several suppliers are now developing and marketing larger units using hydrocarbons as well. While there is a visible shift in Europe focusing on hydrocarbon use in smaller express and convenience stores, EuroShop 2014 also proved that hydrocarbons provide a viable solution for supermarkets. 
AHT: Among the myriad of energy efficient, environmentally friendly refrigeration and freezing units showcased at the AHT booth were two new products, the Sydney plug-in chiller and freezer and the Vento plug-in multi-deck chiller, both of which use R290 (>150g/150g, respectively). The Sydney can be used for deep-freezing as well as normal cooling/chilling purposes. It has a special feature that displays the temperature and information about which mode the cabinet is in, as well as an indicator light to signal the cabinet is working properly. The Vento requires only a power supply (no refrigeration installation), is versatile and comes in a number of variants to suit customers’ needs. Its compact dimensions allow for application in a range of store formats, from supermarkets to filling stations. AHT confirmed that hydrocarbons are the biggest trend in the food retail industry, simply because they are inexpensive and the energy savings are high.  In addition, AHT noted that there is significant interest coming from the United States for larger hydrocarbons cabinets.

Carrier showcased an innovative line of self-contained plug-in units using hydrocarbons as the refrigerant. These products have the flexibility to be used not only in convenience stores, but in larger applications as well. The Optimer 1946 LG, for example, is an upright cabinet featuring a large display area, suitable for storing a variety of food retail and beverage products.
Arneg: Arneg’s booth featured hydrocarbon cabinets and display cases ranging in all shapes and sizes. Larger applications equipped with R290 included the Brioni 2BT, the Dione Glass (both upright cabinets), the Gaia and the Urano 2 Maxi.
Fricon: Fricon, a Portuguese refrigeration systems supplier, displayed its sizeable SMR Series reach-in unit, which can be used as a stand-alone unit or arranged in a row or as an island.
ISA: The Italian company displayed a variety of hydrocarbon plug-in products in a wide range of sizes, including the Blizzard upright cabinet, the Okys island cabinet and the Tahiti Combi, which is a combination upright/island cabinet.
JBG-2: JBG-2’s comprehensive line of hydrocarbons products was released in 2011. The company began producing natural refrigerant-based products in 2008, and in 2010 launched its “Green Technology Concept.” The Polish company supplies systems to stores ranging in size from convenience stores to hypermarkets. In addition to smaller island units, the MixMNY, a large combination cabinet, was also showcased at the booth.
Mafirol: As a company dedicated to “BeinGreen,” Mafirol was proud to debut at EuroShop 2014 Bartolomeu, its first system using R290. Mafirol confirmed that it is planning to develop more natural refrigeration systems, as the benefits thereof are apparent. 
True: True presented a wide range of products at its booth, from light commercial products to large upright freezers. True confirmed that the company has developed a hydrocarbons system for a popular pizza chain.
UGUR:  In addition to a wide range of smaller refrigeration cabinets, Turkish company UGUR also presented some larger units, including the Bodrum 1850, a reach-in cabinet, and the USS 1500 DIK upright freezer, both versatile and ideal for application in supermarkets.


By Janaina Topley Lira

Apr 14, 2014, 15:02

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