UPDATE: Latest R290 showcases by AHT on display at Supermarket Trade Show, Japan

By Alexandra Maratou, Feb 28, 2014, 16:34 2 minute reading

More than 81,000 visitors came to Tokyo Big Sight on 12-14 February 2014 for the annual leading international trade show targeting the supermarket sector. hydrocarbons21.com attended the Supermarket Trade Show 2014 to report on the latest developments in the commercial refrigeration market in Japan. Global leading provider of R290 showcases AHT focused on communicating safety and efficiency features of its products. +PHOTOS +VIDEOS

From the 12 – 14 February 2014, the East Hall of Tokyo Big Sight hosted the 48th Supermarket Trade Show 2014 (SMTS 2014), organised by the New Supermarket Association of Japan (NSAJ). hydrocarbons21.com visited the booth of REI-TECH, an exclusive distributor of AHT cabinets in Japan to report on the latest R290 technology.

Two latest models of propane plug-in showcases from AHT’s product portfolio MIAMI and MANHATTAN were on display at the SMTS 2014. The key messages REI-TECH communicated to its customers centred around safety, energy efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance-free usage.

600,000 R290 cabinets world wide, refrigerant charge as low as 80g

AHT has been a leader in the plug-in cabinets using hydrocarbon refrigerants for years. The safety has been proven with more than 600,000 units in operation without a single incident. At the REI-TECH booth, visitors could witness that the actual refrigerant charge of the exhibited MIAMI showcase was merely 80g of propane. This means that three units combined in an island would use 240g of refrigerant - the total of which can potentially fit into a small can that was exhibited at the booth. This simple demonstration was aimed at dismissing remaining ungrounded safety concerns.

Energy efficiency with natural refrigerant R290

The latest MIAMI model on display with 4.9kWh of electricity consumption per 24 hours is 8 times more efficient than a standard open type showcase (39.2kWh). MANHATTAN with 6.6kWh/24h offers nearly 6 times better energy efficiency than a standard showcase.

The advantage of plug-in R290 cabinets lies in ease of installation, maintenance free operation and high efficiency in comparison to HFC cabinets. Over 3,000 units are in operation in Asian countries, about 10 units have been already installed in Japan, with the number expected to grow in 2014.

Video interview with AHT
(in Japanese)

SMTS 2014: AHTがプロパンショーケース「MIAMI」を紹介

Video interview with AHT
(in English)

Changing landscape in Japan offers great opportunity for natural refrigerants

After SMTS 2014 and HVAC&R Japan 2014 it can be said that the market offers increasingly more solutions with natural refrigerants for Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. Growing awareness of R290 as a safe, suitable and highly efficiency solution together with rather generous government subsidy scheme for retail stores covering 1/3 of total investment cost in case of introduction of f-gas free refrigeration systems sets the ground for a promising 2014 - the year of change and faster uptake of hydrocarbons in commercial refrigeration in Japan.



By Alexandra Maratou

Feb 28, 2014, 16:34

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