Keeping pace with fast-growing natural refrigerants market shecco launches GUIDE Europe update

By Huiting Jia, Jan 14, 2014, 11:51 3 minute reading

“GUIDE 2014: Natural Refrigerants – Continued Growth and Innovation in Europe”, shecco’s newest publication, provides a comprehensive and much needed overview of the latest market trends for natural refrigerants in Europe over the last two years. This 2nd edition of the popular GUIDE series tracks the increasing transition to natural refrigerants CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, and water, with hydrocarbon-based products and technologies featuring prominently in the

Market development specialist shecco has launched the 2nd edition of its popular GUIDE Europe, titled “GUIDE 2014: Natural Refrigerants – Continued Growth and Innovation in Europe”. The new GUIDE aims to track the dynamic market developments of natural refrigerants that have taken place since the first edition was published at the beginning of 2012. 
“Ecosystems” highlight the current development of hydrocarbons in various sectors
The 2nd edition of the GUIDE Europe expands upon the variety of examples of hydrocarbon-based products and technologies in and updated “Ecosystem” chapter. Today, hydrocarbon refrigerants are widely used in industry processing, residential applications, commercial buildings, food production and processing, food transport refrigeration and food retail.
In the commercial refrigeration sector, “more than 480,000 hydrocarbon plug-in supermarket cabinets in operation prove that other natural solutions are ready for the market. With consumer goods brands committed to environmental stewardship, the number of CO2 and HC freezers and coolers is growing in Europe”, says Nina Masson, shecco’s Head of Market Research in the publication.
A completely updated version to the first GUIDE edition
Among the highlights of this new publication are:
  • European Natural Refrigerant Business Directory - presents at least 420 European-based companies involved in the natural refrigerants business.
  • European Industry Survey – summarises the results from 367 HVAC&R industry experts responding to an open survey running until November 2013. The Survey provides an in-depth overview of natural refrigerant use by application sector and response group, and expectations for the total market share of natural refrigerant (NR) solutions across Europe in 2020.
  • The European Market Today & Tomorrow - investigates the commercial availability of natural refrigerant solutions in the market.
  • Policy: European & National Perspective - provides an analysis of selected policy initiatives in Europe, among them the new proposed changes to the F-Gas Regulation that have an impact on the HVAC&R industry in general and the uptake of natural refrigerants in particular; discusses best practice policy initiatives at the national level in selected European countries; and provides an example of one national regulation restricting the use of natural refrigerants.
  • Natural Refrigerants in the European Food Chain / Market & Technology Maps - examines and depicts the market for natural refrigerants products and technology in the food sector of Europe. 
  • Natural Refrigerants in the European Food Chain / Application Areas & End-User Views – lists public statements from leading food retailers and consumer goods brands on natural refrigerants in light-commercial refrigeration, as well as in commercial refrigeration generally, and in warm climates and convenience stores.
  • Applications of Natural Refrigerants in Europe - depicts their use in three “ecosystems”: City, Buildings & Transport; Industry; and Sports. The chapter highlights the variety of examples of natural refrigerant products and technologies in Europe. 
  • Case Studies: Best practice examples of where natural NR are used in Europe today. This chapter involves a collection of real-life success stories, clear examples of cost & energy savings, environmental advantages and technology benefits of NR systems in the past two years.

Free to all readers
The 2nd edition of the GUIDE Europe as well as the rest of the GUIDE series are available for free on shecco’s publication page:


By Huiting Jia

Jan 14, 2014, 11:51

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