Danfoss: Cooling with Solar Power and R600a

By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 18, 2010, 11:29 1 minute reading

With the BD35K Danfoss is adding a compressor to the hydrocarbons21.com product database that not only uses the environmentally friendly isobutane as refrigerant but can be also powered by the sun. The solar compressor features a wide voltage range as well as highly reliable and efficient cooling for places with difficult power supply.

The BD solar compressor from Danfoss offers a refrigeration solution for vaccine and food in areas with inadequate electrical supply that is reliable, safe and cost-efficient. Due to a starting current that is reduced to a minimum, batteries can be avoided. The BD35K compressor is solar-powered and the sun energy can be stored in ice packs during the night and when there is no sun to keep the cabinet at desired temperatures.

Danfoss’ solar compressor can be connected to a solar panel without the use of any additional electronics. Its wide voltage range, from 10 to 45 V DC, makes the BD very suitable for photovoltaic powering.

Application range from urgently needed to nice to have

Within the area of stationary refrigeration a wide range of applications are possible. The BD35K can be used as vaccine cooler or for storage of any kind of drugs as well as for food refrigeration in places with no or poor power supply. Other possibilities are ice cream stands in holiday resorts or remote bottle coolers to name but a few.

Basic Specifications BD35K solar compressor:
  • Wide voltage range: from 10 to 45 V DC
  • Evaporating temperature: -30 to 0 °C
  • Cooling capacity: 36.0 - 106 Watt
  • COP: 0.84 - 1.52 W/W
  • High efficiency - low energy consumption
  • Stationary refrigeration

About Danfoss

The Danfoss group is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, with its business activities divided into three main areas: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heating & Water and Motion Controls. Its Refrigeration and Air Conditioning division employs around 9,000 staff worldwide and is specialized on automatic controls, compressors and electronic controls & sensors for hydrocarbon refrigerants.


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 18, 2010, 11:29

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