Coming soon: HyChill’s refrigerants to replace F-gases

By Sabine Lobnig, Jun 09, 2009, 10:48 3 minute reading

The Australian-based company and expert in hydrocarbon refrigerants is joining as a Bronze Partner. The company will soon present its product Minus50, a blend of R290 and R170, that is the natural organic solution for low temperature refrigeration and air-conditioning systems previously charged with HCFC-R22 or CFC-R502. 

The highly efficient HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants are currently being used as a direct replacement for both old and new refrigerants, such as CFC's, HCFC's and HFC's, in most air-conditioning and refrigeration applications worldwide. Hydrocarbon refrigerants offer significant environmental advantages, the natural direct replacements also feature high performance and efficiency due to lower operating pressures resulting in a reduction in power needed to operate systems. Additionally, due to the superior thermodynamics of hydrocarbon refrigerants, the pull-down times are faster and vent temperatures are lower in these systems.

“Drop in” solution for many existing systems

Another important factor ensuring cost savings while using HyChill’s refrigerants is the compatibility with traditional equipment. In the most common cases (such as motor vehicle air conditioning, domestic air conditioning, domestic refrigeration) the product can be used in place of the existing refrigerant as a “drop in” solution. In motor vehicle air conditioning, for example, hydrocarbons have been used extensively as a “drop in” replacement for R-12 and R-134a for over 15 years with an excellent safety record. Material compatibility is superior (you can even use non-toxic mineral oils with the product). The product itself is also low cost and no special tooling is necessary. HyChill’s range of products include fluids designed to replace existing fluids such as R11, R12, R22, R134a, R404, R502 and others. The products are more flammable (but less toxic) than some of the fluids they replace, so the larger the system being considered for retrofit, the more likely is that additional measures may be necessary to ensure safe ongoing operation and maintenance, and there are many standards already in place that provide a good foundation for proper practice.

An excellent choice for OEM designs

As education about natural refrigerants, including hydrocarbons, is growing within the industry, more and more OEM’s are making the switch to hydrocarbons in their new designs. “With such impressive properties, it’s understandable that interest from OEM’s would grow as they learn how easy it is to adapt existing designs safely, achieve significant performance and efficiency gains, improve reliability and dramatically lower their environmental footprint using hydrocarbons,” says HyChill Director John K Clark.

20% energy reduction with Minus50

Minus50, the product soon to be added to, has an excellent oil miscibility rating and is compatible with all commonly used refrigerant lubricants (PAG; POE; PAO; Mineral and Synthetics) - ensuring maximum lubrication for the compressor.

An air conditioner or refrigeration system charged with Minus50, as an alternative to R22, can cool down a room in less time than HCFC-based refrigerants. Power savings of up to 20% are commonly achieved, because the low temperature hydrocarbon refrigerant is more thermodynamically efficient while being extremely reliable at the same time.


“Europe has been leading the way for some decades with the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in domestic refrigerators and more recently with food display cabinets and supermarket refrigeration. But Australia and America followed with its use in automotive air conditioning. With the good work done by organizations such as UNEP, UNIDO, UNDP and GTZ promoting the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in developing countries we are now seeing clear indications of the powerhouse of Asia taking up hydrocarbon refrigerants.” says John Clark, Managing Director of HyChill Australia Pty Ltd.

About HyChill

HyChill Australia Pty Ltd has been an expert in hydrocarbon refrigerants since 1999 but with expertise in the industry going back 30 years. With offices in Asia and a head office based at the manufacturing plant in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, its natural direct replacements are shipped worldwide to OEM’s and other customers in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Due to their efficiency, reliability and excellent environmental performance, hydrocarbon refrigerants produced by HyChill, have been verified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and certified as an environmentally preferable refrigerant. GECA ( is part of the Global EcoLabelling Network and the Global Environmental Declaration Network.


By Sabine Lobnig

Jun 09, 2009, 10:48

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