Atmosphere 2009: Bringing hydrocarbons faster to market

By Sabine Lobnig, May 19, 2009, 12:36 2 minute reading

On 19-20 October, the international conference on natural refrigerants will bring together policy makers and the industry in Brussels to discuss technology options, policy frameworks, and market potential. Opportunities for hydrocarbons will be explored in dedicated workshop sessions.

Atmosphere 2009 will be the first global conference on natural refrigerants to be held in the EU heart Brussels. The event on 19-20 October will establish an exchange platform for industry experts and politicians to discuss hydrocarbons, CO2, and ammonia. As hopefully the first in a regular series of events linked by the tagline “Faster to Market”, Atmosphere 2009 will sum up the technical, political and economic state of play for natural refrigerants.

As a milestone on the way to Post-Kyoto discussions, the conference will bring together key industry players and decision makers from different continents and industries to shed light on the viability of hydrocarbons and other natural working fluids in certain applications. As an established marketing & communications company advocating the use of natural refrigerants worldwide, Shecco will be organising the event.

“Atmosphere 2009, simply put, is going to bring together leading experts worldwide to talk about how we can get natural refrigerants faster to market. There are huge market opportunities for these natural refrigerants and Atmosphere 2009 will be a key event to discuss these,” says Marc Chasserot, Managing Director, Shecco.

A Call for Action

In a time when global discussions are more and more determined by concerns for the environment, natural refrigerants offer a market-ready solution to replace fluorinated gases around the world. Atmosphere 2009 sees itself as one of the last events to raise the profile of natural refrigerants before decision makers will discuss the future of an international treaty on environmental protection in Copenhagen in December. A Call for Action, presented on the Sunday before will be handed over to politicians to position hydrocarbons as long term sustainable alternatives to F-gases.
Dedicated workshop for hydrocarbons

Atmosphere 2009 will be different from other events in the HVAC&R area as it tries to give hydrocarbons, CO2, and ammonia a strong voice. Dedicated workshop sessions on each refrigerant will shed light on technology options currently available, market opportunities, and key policies. Legislators and environmental groups active in reducing high-GWP refrigerants will present their view on how to overcome barriers for natural refrigerants at the national and international level. More importantly, key players from the investment community will be invited to outline financial opportunities for a wider use of R600a, R290, R744, R717, and others.

What next?

Over the coming weeks we will add all necessary information about the event, the speakers, the programme, and the registration process to the conference website Visit the website today to read more about the concept and partners supporting the event.


By Sabine Lobnig

May 19, 2009, 12:36

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