China Refrigeration: Hydrocarbon compressors on display

By Sabine Lobnig, Apr 14, 2009, 14:54 3 minute reading

At Asia’s largest trade show for the HVAC&R industry, providers of hydrocarbon compressors and refrigerants were confident about a rising market for HCs in China and beyond. provides you with an overview of companies already active in the field.

Despite the overwhelming presence of R22 solutions and HFC-based systems, a surprisingly high number of compressor manufacturers are already offering models for R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane). All companies talked to confirmed a stable and rising market in Southeast Asia, Australia and beyond. The applications covered ranged from light-commercial use – ice-cream freezers, vending machines and display cabinets – to Mobile Air Conditioning, stationary air conditioning and domestic refrigerators.


Danfoss: Although the global manufacturer had none of its R290 or R600a models on display in Guangzhou, a dedicated technical seminar kept the Chinese expert audience informed about the viability of HC models in light-commercial applications. The hermetic compressors, available as a variable speed option, could deliver significant energy savings translating to a short payback time for the initially slightly higher investment costs.

Embraco: The Brazilian compressor expert presented its HC compressor range for light-commercial applications. Since 1995, Embraco has been present in China. After having inaugurated the world’s most modern compressor factory just recently, the company has started serial production of its smallest R290 model in Beijing. Produced in China, it is mainly exported to Europe, but first Chinese companies have started trials using Embraco’s model. EM series for chest freezers can achieve up to 60% energy savings at reduced size and noiseless operation. Among the strategic partners of Embraco: PepsiCo and Unilever.

Bock: The German compressor manufacturer is displaying its EX-HG series in China. As the first European manufacturer it offers certified ATEX-conform semi-hermetic compressors for potentially explosive environments. This makes them suitable for hydrocarbon applications.

Qianjiang: The Hangzhou Quianjiang Refrigeration Group, founded in 1994, is specialised on hermetic compressors for refrigerators, freezers and household appliances. It offers six different R600a compressors series for ice-making machines, liquor cabinets, freezers, display cabinets, vending machines, and other small to large-sized applications. While its Q series is mainly sold on the domestic market, where it finds a big market is already established, Qianjiang also exports its products to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia. Out of the 180 million compressors produced each year, more than half are models for R600a.

Kulthorn: The first hermetic compressor manufacturer in Thailand, the Kulthorn group offers R600a models for Low Back Pressure application. One model is displayed in China.

Bingfeng: The Chinese compressor supplier is showcasing several R600a models at the China Refrigeration. Committed to offer innovative and upgraded products, Zhejiang Bingfeng Compressors has focused on high standard HC compressors for LBP. Cooling capacity ranges from 97 to 202 W while the COP varies from 1.27 to 1.70.

Refrigerant suppliers

A high number of refrigerant suppliers offer R290 and R600a to the Chinese market and beyond, among them the following:

Nanjing Jiabing: The company’s green “Hydrocarbon Refrigerant – China” booth is without doubt the most obvious promotion for hydrocarbon technology at this fair. Focused exclusively on hydrocarbon refrigerants, Nanjing Jiabing Refrigeration Company sells HCR-22 and HCR-12 as a replacement for R22, R12 and R134a mainly in mobile air conditioning. Sold to major cities in China, the refrigerants are also exported to Australia.

Shandong Jinlaier: Each year, the Chinese company produces over 10,000 tons of high-purity R600a and 5,000 tons of R290. Specialised on hydrocarbon refrigerants and hydrocarbon fine chemical products, Jinlaier delivers its refrigerants to air conditioning, heat pump, household refrigeration, or cold drink machines applications.

Artsen Chemical: The Chinese company, founded in 1999, today supplies its R600a refrigerant to the Russian market and the Middle East.

Other suppliers of R600a present at the China Refrigeration include: Coolor Refrigeration, Sikelan, Shanghai Aohong Chemical Co., Hangzhou ELK.


By Sabine Lobnig

Apr 14, 2009, 14:54

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