Emerson Launches Largest Copeland R290 Scroll Compressor

By Tine Stausholm, Sep 08, 2021, 11:59 2 minute reading

The YB*K1G compressor comes in four models with cooling capacities up to 22kW (6.26TR).

Emerson Copeland R290 compressors. Credit: Emerson.

U.S. component manufacturer Emerson has launched the YB*K1G propane (R290) scroll compressor, which has cooling capacities up to 22kW (6.26TR) — making it the largest R290 scroll compressor currently available, according to Emerson.

The technology behind the fully hermetic YB*K1G “enables best in-class high seasonal system efficiency, due to part load compressor performance and low super heat capabilities,” Emerson said in a statement.

The new R290 scroll compressors have a compact and lightweight design, weighing only half of an equivalent semi-hermetic piston compressor unit. This results in “low applied cost for the systems — combined with the high seasonal efficiency, it allows very quick pay-back for a greener world,” Emerson said. 

The YB*K1G series includes four models with cooling capacities from 13kW to 22 kW at -10/45°C (14/113°F). They are suitable for chillers that have a secondary water/glycol loop in-store, and retail applications like medium temperature cabinets and cold rooms. The compressors are also suitable for energy recovery to increase system efficiency.

The YB*K1G units are equipped with an IP65 Terminal Box, and is also available in a IP54 version to ensure compliance with ATEX and all relevant regulations. The compressors also have a dedicated oil, and modified parts for optimal lubrication, to ensure the best reliability, Emerson explained.

The Copeland compressors have a long history. Earlier this year, the compressor range celebrated its 100th anniversary. In addition to R290 compressors, the series also include R744 models.

Emerson has also introduced variable frequency drives for the Copeland series. These drives can normally be installed without any changes to existing equipment and they “can provide significant energy reductions, delivering quick return on investment for users, as little as a “few months,” Emerson said at the launch.

By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Sep 08, 2021, 11:59

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