Frascold Upgrades CO2/R290 Compressor Test Laboratory

By Tine Stausholm, Jul 19, 2021, 10:25 2 minute reading

The manufacturer aims to strengthen the development of new systems to meet stringent EU and global regulations.

Frascold R290 compressor.

Italian component manufacturer Frascold has upgraded its CO2 and propane (R290) compressor test laboratory in order to develop better semi-hermetic compressors that will help OEMs meet emissions rules around the world.

“With the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of the entire sector and meeting the stringent European and worldwide regulations, which impose a drastic reduction of HFC, the industry-based actors are strengthening the development of systems which use refrigerants with low GWP,” said Marco Perri, R&D and Technical Support Manager for Frascold.

“Frascold is one of the promoters behind this change and is investing accordingly in R&D and in its laboratory with the aim of launching new generations of compressors and testing the existing ones.”

As part of the upgrade, Frascold has installed a test bench for R290 products at its laboratory outside Milan, Italy. The test bench includes an upgraded calorimeter and endurance system that can test prototype components for a number of performance parameters.

The new R290 system is “dedicated to personnel safety, thanks to the numerous measures adopted, such as installation outside the building and the use of ATEX components only,” Frascold said in a statement. (ATEX refers to the EU directives describing minimum safety requirements for workplaces and equipment used in explosive atmospheres.)

CO2 endurance test

The upgraded calorimeter and endurance systems have also been added to several of Frascold’s existing test benches, including those for CO2 compressors.

The CO2 calorimeter tests the performance of compressors to ensure compliance with the UNI EN 12900:2013 and UNI EN 13771-1:2017 standards. The former specifies rating conditions, tolerances and methods for performance data presentation; the latter is about test methods for compressors.

The endurance test system for CO2 is designed to carry out durability tests on compressors under stress, to replicate real field conditions and ensure maximum reliability of products.

“Frascold is, in fact, ready to support OEMs and end users in exploring the trends that will guide the future, such as the use of transcritical CO2 in the industrial sector and propane for heat pump applications as well,” said Perri. “The recent investment is a clear confirmation of our commitment to transform every solution into real added value, in favor of reliability, safety and reduced consumption.”

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By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Jul 19, 2021, 10:25

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