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Liebherr set a trail-blazing path when it became one of the first manufacturers to change its entire commercial range of refrigerators and freezers to use environmentally friendly hydrocarbons. Now, after serving some of the world’s leading brands including the Heineken Nestlé and Unilever, Liebherr’s range of energy-efficient freezers and refrigerators are among the most extensive on the market.
Liebherr’s commitment to sustainability is admirable and has set the platform for a host of companies to follow, globally. The company uses natural refrigerants propane (R290) and isobutane (R600a) in its entire range of professional appliances for food and beverage storage: predominantly in bakeries, merchandising, drink chillers, chest freezers, glass door freezers, as well as universal and wine storage appliances.
The company’s ActiveGreen label represents its commitment to sustainability across all stages of conception, design and production. Liebherr’s precision controllers and highly efficient refrigeration components, offer best-in-class energy efficiency, even under the tough demands posed by professional use. 
“Liebherr is the first manufacturer to switch over its entire commercial refrigerator and freezer range to environmentally friendly, CFC-free refrigerants. While being more energy efficient, these natural refrigerants are also much more environmentally friendly to the atmosphere. This changeover has enabled even more efficient refrigeration components to be used. The ProfiPremiumLine Gastronorm refrigerators and freezers offer professionals everything they could wish for in terms of freshness and convenience,” Liebherr.
Liebherr’s commercial range includes:
Refrigerators: Forced air refrigerators (including bakery, display, counter-top, under-worktop models) and chest coolers – capacity range: 130-1427 litres.
Freezers: Forced air freezers (NoFrost, bakery), freezers with static cooling (normal and table-height), freezers with convection cooling, and chest freezers (impulse, flat-top) – capacity range: 126-1427 litres
Wine storage cabinets: Vinidor range, GrandCru, Vinothek, Vinothek multi-temperature, Vinidor built-in multi-temperature, GrandCru built-in, GrandCru WKes 653 and Humidor ZKes 453 - capacity range: 38-666 litres.
  • ROHS and WEEE conformity – environmentally friendly materials combined with optimal recyclability
  • High-performance 83mm insulation for low energy consumption and maximum temperature consistency
  • Precision electronic control system for minimal energy consumption
  • Demand-responsive hot-gas defrost system (process takes 10 minutes)
Libeherr’s refrigerators and freezers also come with a range of accessories and optional extras including: infrared key, castor base, tray slides, temperature probe, foot pedal opener, adjustable legs, scanner bracket, safety bracket, lock options (incl. remote control), label clips and baskets.
About Liebherr
The Liebherr Group offers sophisticated technical products and services worldwide in eleven sectors. In the domestic appliances area, Liebherr specialises in top-quality refrigerators and freezers for household and commercial use. More than 7,000 appliances leave the various production locations each day. Liebherr was the first manufacturer to change over its entire range for refrigerators and freezers for commercial use to environmentally friendly refrigerants propane (R290) and isobutene (R600a). It now designs for over 125 leading brands including Heineken, PepsiCo, Bitburger, Nestle and the Coca-Cola Company. 


Refrigerators and freezers for professional use

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