Emerson Solutions for Integral Display Cases with R290

Emerson is investing in research and development activities in order to pro-actively support and guide the customers to go through the F-Gas transition phase. With already several tens-of-thousands of integral display case solutions installed in retail stores all over the world, Emerson is leading the way in providing the advanced technology solutions to the customers for R290 integral display cases.

Key benefits of Emerson R290 Solutions Solution Provider

Application & engineering experts team with in-depth know-how and experience
Full technical support during development and possibility for customized solutions development
Solution center with system performance, sound & vibration, EMC testing and analytical engineering capabilities
Proven pre-defined solutions for faster implementation and short time to market for OEMs

Safety and regulatory compliance

  • Reduce complexity of regulations by providing state-of-the-art “pre-compliant” solution
  • Allow easy & fast certification/compliance of the system according to relevant application standards
  • Safety compliance – EN60335-2-89 / EN60079

Technology options for flexibility

  • Solutions for multiple circuit and single circuit applications for cabinets with and without doors
  • Fixed speed and variable speed modulation
  • Parametric and programmable controller for customization

Intelligent electronics

  • Advanced control features with Defrost synchronization schemes and Demand Defrost for higher system efficiency
  • Variable speed compressor & system management
  • Enable preventive maintenance & enhanced services with compressor & system data
  • Deliver added value at system, facility and enterprise level


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