• Compatible with R290 (propane)
  • High output power (HP) inverter up to 1000W
  • Evaporating temperature range (-45°C to 10°C)

Embraco’s VNEK compressor marked the company’s first high energy-efficiency product for commercial applications compatible with natural fluids. Little over a year on from its release and the global innovators have made significant improvements with the next generation VNEU217U, which uses propane as a refrigerant and affords up to 35% greater cooling capacity and higher efficiency, all with the with NEU’s quality features.

The VNEU217U boasts the same variable-speed technology branded under the company’s ‘Fullmotion’ label, but promises quicker and greater cooling capacity via extended displacement - a feature not included in the VNEK model.
VNEU217U’s extended displacement
A Gold Partner, Embraco has been researching, investing in and producing its own technology since 1971 and proudly notes the compressor as the ‘heart’ of every refrigeration unit. Using natural refrigerant R290 for its commercial and domestic line of compressors, Embraco has found a foothold in Latin America, China and Europe and it’s not hard to see why with their latest edition certainly packing some power.
Equipped with Embraco’s signature Fullmotion technology, which adapts to the needs of each light-commercial system with 40% energy efficiency savings, the team has incorporated even greater cooling capacity with the VNEU217U model.
Compared to Embraco’s VNEK213U:
  • VNEU213U  5% greater cooling capacity (*with same displacement) 
  • VNEU213U  35% greater cooling capacity (*with extended displacement)
  • VNEU217U’s displacement range (16, 8 cc)

*3000 RPM

VNEU217U basic specifications:
  • Compatible with R290 (propane)
  • High output power (HP) inverter up to 1000W
  • Evaporating temperature range (-45°C to 10°C)
  • Operating speed 2000-4500 RPM
  • Wide capacity range (LBP)
  • Same installation configuration as VNEK

Other Advantages:
  • Rapid cooling capabilities
  • Lower noise, vibrations
  • Greater capacity range than VNEU213U model:
  • Btu/h (1188-2395) up from (897-1954) 
  • W (348-702) up from (263-573)

  • High efficiency supermarket freezers
  • Supermarket islands (predominantly horizontal but also vertical)
  • Ice cream freezers and wine coolers

About Embraco
Embraco is a global market and technological leader in hermetic compressors for refrigeration, with their mission to provide innovative solutions for a better quality of life. As one of the pioneers in the development of environmentally friendly products, Embraco reinforces its commitment to global sustainability by offering a full range of high-efficiency compressors and condensing units. 
With factories in Brazil, Italy, China and Slovakia and productive capacity of 36 million compressors per year, Embraco also produces electronic systems to make intelligent household appliances.


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