• Counterflow evaporative condensers
  • Forced draft condensers


The VCA evaporative condenser is one of the industry leader in the forced draft, axial fan category.

Technical specifications
  • G-235 mill galvanised steel used for all units
  • All exposed cut edges are protected with a thick zinc coating applied after fabrication to ensure effective zinc corrosion barrier
  • Serpentine cooling coil built of continuous lengths of all prime surface steel and hot-dip galvanised after fabrication (HDGAF) to avoid zinc corrosion
  • Split coil designed for low pressure drop with sloping tubes for free drainage of fluid and multiple compressors
  • Maximum working pressure: 300 psig
  • Independent fan motors providing redundancy and options for capacity control
  • The fans, motors, and drive system are located outside the discharge air stream of the unit to protect them from moisture, condensation, and icing while facilitating maintenance
  • The fan drive system consists of a specially designed belts, taper lock sheaves and dedicated premium efficient cooling tower duty motor to provide maximum performance
  • High quality mechanical water level control assembly is standard with all units and has been specially designed to provide the most reliable operation while being easy to maintain
  • Standard spray water pump: Patented BAC 360TM non- clog nozzles ensure even flow over the coil area and are simple to remove for maintenance. Parallel flow of air and spray water to allow for inspection and access to the top of the coils during full operation
  • The InterLokTM System is a self-aligning casing/basin joint that makes assembly easier and increase the leak resistance of the joint
  • Standard 1” x 1” (2,54 x 2,54 cm) wire mesh screen is factory-installed over the air intake to prevent debris from entering the unit


  • The VCA is the only counterflow forced draft condenser that has been shake table tested and verified with seismic ratings by an independent third party up to an SDS of 1.6g and meets IBC requirements.
  • Bearings selected for a minimum life of L10 94 000 hours
  • Extended lubrication lines are standard for lubrication of the fan shaft bearings
  • Oversized access door(s): 30” x 44” (76,2 x 111,76 cm)
  • A step for easier access is provided for each door
  • Axial fans lend to low fan HP, high efficiency, and quiet operation
  • 5 years warranty motor and drive

  • Industrial refrigeration



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