Thoughtful Cooling - Workshop for architects

Nov 11, 2016 - Nov 13, 2016 - in Mumbai, India

Training architects in building energy modeling.

The workshop, organised by FairConditioning Programme, aims to train architects in building energy modeling to adopt passive design and sustainable cooling technologies.  The objective of the workshop is to increase understanding of sustainable active cooling technologies and to help architects integrate energy analysis techniques and strategies into their designs. 

Training Content

  • Day 1 includes, theory sessions on building physics, psychrometry and climate analysis, solar geometry, passive design.
  • Understand working principles of sustainable cooling technologies such as radiant cooling, indirect-evaporative cooling, solar air-conditioning, and natural refrigerant air-conditioning.
  • Day 2 and day 3 include, training sessions on building energy modeling on DesignBuilder software. The training will cover modeling of strategies to reduce cooling loads, HVAC systems and simulations of multiple design iterations. 

The workshop will include audio-visual presentations, rigorous computer modelling lab sessions, quizzes. Vivek Gilani from cBalance Solutions Hub will be our trainer for the modules on sustainable cooling systems and Deepa Parekh from Environmental Design Solutions will be our trainer for the building energy modeling and simulation modules. 

The Fairconditioning Programme is a unique intervention that aims to address climate change and energy security through capacity building, tool development, technology sharing and policy change in the sustainable cooling and building design industry. This workshop is organised as a part of the Building Energy Modeling and Advisory Project (BEMAP) of the programme. 


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