China Heat Pump Annual Conference 2018

Aug 08, 2018 - Aug 09, 2018 - in Hang Zhou, Republic of China

The upcoming annual conference of the Chinese heat pump association will discuss the status and development trend of the Chinese heat pump market and will provide ample opportunity to network with the local and international heat pump industry, from 8 to 9 August, 2018.

The Chinese heat pump market has seen tremendous growth in the last 4 years. As a result of a very positive recognition of heat pumps in all China and the specific impact the regional “Cleaning up coal boilers” program has had, annual sales numbers of air to water heat pump was doubled to 600 thousand units in 2017.
Sales of DHW heat pump also is more than 1 million units per year in China.

In the Beijing region alone, 500 thousand heat pumps were sold in past 3 years. This made significant contribution to renewable energy in heating and to cleaner skies and less particulate emissions.
The current developments have helped to build up an internal heat pump market that is now served by more than 200 manufacturers. During the conference the trends and the status of the Chinese heat pump market will be discussed.


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