Since its conception in 1968, TECO has developed new, alternative solutions for the many problems affecting traditional refrigeration products in several industries. Half a century of experience acquired in the field of industrial and retail refrigeration has enabled TECO to conceive a complete range of specialized, conceptually innovative products, which combine the latest technology with the highest quality standards.

In 1986 the founders of TECO observed a need for an aquarium refrigeration unit. From this observation TECO developed their first aquarium refrigeration unit in 1986.

In addition to high quality aquarium and aquaculture refrigeration and temperature control units TECO designs and manufactures.

  • Commercial refrigeration: units to be fitted on cabinets and counter for bar, restaurant and catering equipment
  • Temperature control for offset and photographic development machines: these are small chillers to keep stable the temperature of the developer liquid that allow to develop the aluminum plate that later is required for the printing process.
  • Other customized refrigeration systems for household and retail applications.

One of the products that Teco is developing is a R290 Eco-Friendly water chiller.


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